Worth a Thousand Words

So I am not a photography expert by any means, but it is something I have loved ever since I was a yearbook photographer in jr. high. Yeah. I was that cool. And later on I didn’t use much more than a point and shoot camera for all of my many collage years.

When baby #1 came my husband and I were still in school and very poor. You should have seen our apartment, it was a basement apartment in a house divided in 4, possibly 5 separate living areas. It was a glorified hallway. I know, pretty glamorous. But right before I had my Levi, I saw a woman on craigslist looking for some babies to photograph to expand her portfolio. You can bet I got in touch as fast as I could to see if she would do mine when he came, and she was so sweet and said she would. When I saw the final results they were AMAZING. They are still to date some of my favorite pictures and I will forever be grateful she agreed to do it. I know without them we wouldn’t have had any newborn pictures of him.

Now I have been doing a lot more photography thanks to the fact we have two of the most beautiful boys ever created (not that I’m biased or anything) and I am fairly devoted to our family blog. That and the photography tips I have learned from taking pictures for my shop, have taught me a lot and because of it I have been my asked numerous times by family and friends to take pictures for weddings, sr. pics, babies, you name it. I normally say yes because I know, that while I am not perfect, far from anything professional and am still learning, it can mean a lot to someone especially if they otherwise weren’t going to have pictures done at all. I guess me is better than nothing! It’s fun and I always learn a lot.

Today I took maternity pictures for a good friend (hopefully I’ll post them soon)from high school. As we chatted I remembered when I did another friends birth story and couldn’t find it posted anywhere so I thought I’d put it up again, especially since she wanted to see it. This was an amazing experience, it was my first time ever seeing a live birth, including my own since I had two c-sections. I was so grateful she let me be there for it.

Slideshow: Baby Gavin Birth ExperienceSlideshow
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  1. This is amazing…thanks for sharing (and her for letting you share with us such an intimate moment!). How does she make it look so easy? Definitely some mental inspiration I'm tucking away for my eventual experience, may it happen with such grace and a smile too!

  2. Kelli Marrott (McReynolds) says:

    These photos are so beautiful! You are so talented! Thanks for sharing.

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