Valentines Coupon Book (with Printable!)

I have been wanting to make this Valentines coupon book for years! One of my boys favorite things they got for Christmas a few years back was some gift cards for things like staying up late, watching a favorite movie or making a favorite dinner. I actually found them at the dollar store and have used them for several years now. Ok, Santa has, I just am in charge of doing it. So I have been wanting something similar but for Valentines. I love the idea of coupon books because

  • It’s not candy because they get a ton of that during Valentines day
  • It’s not a toy that will fill the house with more stuff because it already feels like we’re full to the brim
  • It’s based more on memories than things
  • It’s pretty much free

Inside there are 20 different coupons as well as some blank pages to make up your own in this Valentines coupon book. You can make this the size I printed or to do a smaller book have them printed with 2 sheets on a page or 4. All these ideas were ones that my kids have loved as well as some added by some fabulous mom friends of mine.


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Valentines coupon book for kids


First you print then cut them. I tried my best to keep them all even as best as I could using my cutter. It doesn’t really matter though, kids don’t really pay attention to stuff like that, it’s usually just the adults that do!


Valentines coupon book for kids


Then after cutting you need to make some holes to make it easy to tear out. I just did it using my sewing machine but without any thread in it. I kept the stitches somewhat close together and did 3-4 pages at once.


Valentines coupon book for kids


See, some nice holes and ready to tear.


Valentines coupon book for kids


After that you’ll need some holes so you can secure the pages. I did all of mine at once (21 sheets) using my Crop-a-dile that I got back in my scrappbooking days. I’m sure glad I kept it and have used it more than I thought I would! You can also just use a hole punch but do less sheets.


Valentines coupon book for kids


I used some bakers twine I use in my jewelry packaging to tie it up so it would all stay together. This doesn’t have to be pretty because it’s going to be hidden.


Valentines coupon book for kids


Last grab a glue stick and do a binding. I’m not joking when I say I just cut it by hand in a few seconds. Just cut a rectangle that will cover the edge and glue to both the front and the back. DO NOT glue where the holes are. I did it up to a quarter inch or so before the holes. Then just let it dry and it’s ready to go!


Valentines coupon book for kids


Add their name and then any other custom ones. In our family we are planning on giving these books with their favorite small candy (M&M’s and Skittles).


Valentines coupon book for kids
Free Printable Valentines Coupon Book for Kids

























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