11 Useful Baby Products I Refuse to Get Rid of

For many having kids often means a garage filled with baby and kid stuff. At least that’s how it is for us. There are so many useful baby products out there! And from experience I’ll tell you that there is no amount of money I won’t spend or products I won’t try in an effort to get a little more sleep or have my little one be occupied enough so I can take a quick shower or go to the bathroom.


But after having three kids and a husband who is constantly trying to have me get rid of all things baby related in the garage I’ve found there are some things I absolutely refuse to get rid of because they are tried and tested and loved by all 3 of my boys. And that’s saying something. I’ll have to do a completely different post about all the crazy stuff I’ve bought that were a total and complete waste of money. Here they are, in no particular order.



One of our favorite and most useful baby products was our Jumparoo. We got our Jumparoo as a gift from my mom with our first son and he LOVED it. It has since gone through all 3 of my boys. It is a little spendy but worth every single penny. It was my go to when I needed a little bit of time to get something done, like dinner or go to the bathroom. Sure you can put babies on a blanket on the floor but sometimes I was nervous about them being stepped on by brothers or once they were starting to move that there might be an accident. Our Jumparoo has provided hours and hours of entertainment for my little men and I refuse to let it go and want to either keep it for #4 or if we don’t have another for a future niece or nephew. It’s just that good.

useful baby products jumper

See? He’s so happy! This was one of his first times in in and he loved it. Also, can I just say how weird it is to have a 3 month old with teeth?

useful baby products jumparoo

A Bouncer

A classic which I would recommend to anyone. Ours is super basic, no frills and has worked perfectly even after 6 years and 3 kids. It is similar to this baby bouncer.  Ours was a baby gift for our first son and has a little vibrate button (or as we would always call it the butt shaker). With our oldest it was sometimes the only way we could get him to sleep at night when we put him right next to our bed. The little toy bar was gone pretty much the day we got it, I still have no idea where it is but the bouncer itself has lasted through all three of my boys and even through a friends little one. It’s nothing fancy just something that bounces will usually do the trick.

useful baby products bouncer


Here’s my #3 sleeping away in his bouncer. I bet if I were to scour all my other boys baby pictures I could find them in it as well! Oh and that was pretty much the only time he took a pacifier, dang it!

Favorite-baby-gear-items Favorite-baby-items-bouncer


Oballs Baby Ball

These balls are the best because those teeny fingers can actually grab on to them and they make a fun noise! We’ve bought tons of baby toys over the years and gotten rid of just as many but these are keepers. Oballs can be found in different shapes like footballs and cars.

useful baby products balls


Stretchy Blanket

We are swaddlers. Big time. We tried numerous blankets but each time little fingers would start to peek out no matter how hard we wrapped our man. Then of course he would rub his face, get unwrapped and hated it. And the cycle would continue. Then our friend bought us the best stretchy baby blanket which worked perfectly. It had a little bit of stretch in it so baby could move around a little without getting out completely. We have used that same blanket for all our three boys. We love that stretchy blue blanket and would recommend it to anyone. This is not the same exact one, but almost.

useful baby products blanket

Umbrella Stroller

With having 3 kids we have owned a number of strollers. Big combo strollers you can put baby carriers in, jogging strollers, double strollers. But the one we have kept through all three is our simple cheap umbrella stroller. Why? Mostly because it’s so compact. All our other strollers took up so much room that we decided they were too big to keep around. Our stroller is a lot like this cheap umbrella stroller and super simple. It’s not the best as far as having a good height (my husband and I are taller so the handles are a little low) but for convenience and storage it wins hands down. Oh and it’s not pink, with a herd of boys we don’t have much pink around here!

useful baby products umbrella stroller

Here is our oldest in that stroller, it has been well used through all three boys and is still going strong!

useful baby products umbrella stroller

Yoga Ball

This might not sound like it should belong on a list for useful baby products and more for someone wanting to exercise but I promise, I used this a TON when pregnant as well as after baby came. I don’t have any pictures that I can find of us using ours but they are amazing and I highly recommend it to all with babies or kids.  Some babies are rockers and some are bouncers or some are both. Mine always loved bouncing but it gets tiring so this ball saved us. In between babies we’ve used it constantly. You can play with it, work on balance, use it as a chair (great for wiggly boys who like to move around but still need to do homework), exercising. We love ours and still use it daily even without baby in the house.


useful baby products yoga ball

yoga ball


Bib Rags

With my first son my sister in law gave me some bibs that she had made. Honestly I didn’t know what to think because all I had really seen before were the prettier ones you buy at the store and the ones she gave me were basically dishtowels with a hole in it. Then I tried it. Genius! Babies can’t really pull them off till their older. It absorbs everything instead of just bouncing right off and onto the floor/tray. It’s big so it covers everything. Since it’s big usually there is a clean spot somewhere which I would always get wet and use to wash baby’s face, hands and the tray. Then you just throw it all in the laundry. It is genius.

Here is a great tutorial on how to make your own or if you don’t want to make your own you can buy some here.

useful baby products bibs


Booster Chair

Definitely high on our list for useful baby products because it can be used for such a long time. When we had our first son we had one of those big cushy high chairs that everyone has. It was big and reminded me of a throne. We used it for the first several months then found this booster chair (used I believe) because we needed something portable for a trip and we fell in love with it. While the big high chair said it folded compactly it was still huge when folded, had a fabric lining which despite it’s best efforts was hard to clean sometimes and when we would take the cover off to clean, it was disgusting to see all the grossness that was underneath that somehow got there even when we thought it was clean.  So we switched to this simple booster seat and haven’t looked back much since.

With my third I actually thought about doing something different, especially at the beginning of feeding him solids because he was still working on sitting up and I was thinking of something more stable. But I just couldn’t decide and within a couple of weeks he was sitting up fine using this booster and that’s all we’ve used since. It’s completely washable, folds up for traveling (we love taking it camping) and all you have to do is attach it to a chair you already have.

We have and love it

useful baby products high chair

booster seat

Here’s my #3 and the chair is still in great condition no matter what he does to it. His head looks a lot like a kiwi don’t you think? Seriously, one of our most useful baby products we’ve purchased and it’s still going. Ok. now it’s in the garage because he’s a ‘big boy’ now but I’m still keeping it.

useful baby products booster chair

Pack and Play

Another one of those things we’ve had from the beginning is a pack and play because everyone has them. Ours have been used a ton for travel. I like the simple ones and even bought a fancier one with all the add ons like a changing table with my 3rd (it is like 3-4 times more expensive) but have found we just ended up using the basic pack and play part of it most.  In fact from month 3 to almost 2 years my third son has slept in one. Confession. He slept in a pack and play in our closet until just a few months ago because our spare room is headquarters to my jewelry biz and I wasn’t ready to have him share a room with his brothers. He didn’t mind it one bit.

useful baby products pack and play


Zip Up Sleepers

Seriously why would anyone want buttons? With each boy I’ve gotten lots of new baby cloths cause who can resist them!?!  With that I’ve gotten a few of the cutest sleeper with buttons. It makes me so sad because I absolutely refuse to use the botton ones. It’s not that I haven’t tried, cause I have but when you have a kid needing a diaper change in the middle of the night, whose fussing because it’s cold and they just want to go back to sleep or eat and you don’t want him to wake up the rest of the house, you just want it to go as fast as possible. Buttons don’t help one bit so I’m done with buttons and only do zip ups.


PS. Babies in footie PJ’s are the cutest ever.  I love pretty much all the different fabric choices, fleece ones are warm and great for colder nights and camping. The terry cloth ones are good for medium temperature and are very soft and the the cotton ones are very light weight and great for a hot night. My favorite brand is Carters just because I’ve found their quality is great, they last a long time (many of ours have gone through all three of my boys). You can find some here in a lot of different sizes and styles.

useful baby products zip up pajamas


Take and Toss Cups, Bowls and Silverware

Another of our favorite useful baby products is more for when baby starts eating but we love these bowls, cups and silverware from take and toss. They are not very expensive and work really well for the price. And bonus if you lose a piece or forget a cup at a friends house or something you don’t have to feel too bad because it wasn’t that expensive. I’ll admit we still have a number of cups, bowls and silverware from when our first son was learning to eat (that was over 7 years ago!). We’ve added some because we of course have lost things throughout the years but you pair them with some ikea plates and they are perfect for younger kids.




I’m sure there are a few other useful baby products I missed but these are on the top of my list!


Bonus: Click here to find out what 5 baby products were a complete waste of money!



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  1. Robin Masshole Mommy says:

    I always loved my boys bouncy seat. They loved it, too! They slept in it all the time.

  2. Great post! It’s so nice to find products that work so well for kids. I had a hard time letting go of a lot of my kids old baby things, but finally did get rid of most of it. I just don’t have space in my home for all of it. I’m also a single parent and pretty sure that I’m done having kids, so I figured my neices and nephews would get better use out of our stuff.

  3. Such a great list! With a baby on the way, this was a great refresher! I especially appreciate such lists from experienced moms!

  4. Megan McCoig says:

    Fab post! Really like this idea as I’ve never read a blog or post like this before – lovely photos

  5. Zip sleepers are the best we used to use this on all the foster kids and they loved it! My friend just had a baby so I will forward it along to her!

  6. Seeing all this fun stuff makes me miss the baby days! My youngest just turned 5yo and she is my last!

  7. You have some of my favorites on here. I would add the wubbanub pacifiers. Those things have saved my life on so many occasions.

  8. I don’t yet have children and I couldn’t even imagine that there are so many different things and toys for children! So amazing


  9. There are a few things I can’t live without when I have a baby but I get rid of everything. If I don’t need it, I don’t keep it.

  10. Those were some of my favorite items, too when my kids were babies. I also had a swing/rocker back then.

  11. I kept most baby things unless it was destroyed. If I knew I was going to have another child I just stored it all away until the day. These days however all my baby things are gone. I’m pretty sure no other children will be coming though.

  12. A pack n play is like manna from heaven, especially when traveling. I was a part of a music group and one of the women had to bring her child along. That pack n play saved us a million times over.

  13. Thank you for sharing this! Our first baby is due in May so it’s helpful with my registry!

  14. It was hard for me to get rid of some of those items. They are great. I love the feeding set!

  15. They are great items! And it’s amazing how some items still in good condition after years of using. i like #3, and the picture of your child and comparison to Kiwi, it’s cute though -:)

    • Thank you! He’s pretty cute and loved that bouncer. It was 6 years old and still going. Sure I could have bought a newer and nicer one but why? This one has worked so well for years. Thank you so much for stopping by!

  16. Oh man the booster seat is one of our all time favorites! My son as already grow out of it, but it we’re still holding on to it and using it for the little cousins when we go out to eat or go to friends houses. So convenient!

    • It definitely is! We love that booster seat and my husband keeps telling me to get rid of it but I refuse. What if we have another or if a new cousin comes along? There are some things too good to get rid of. Thank you for commenting and stopping by!

  17. That bib rag is really interesting. I bet it helps cut down on paper towels and changing clothes throughout the day. A lot of these items are staples and although they take up space, they are worth keeping around for another child or if someone comes and visits.

    • I love the bib rag. I remember when my sister in law used them I thought how strange they looked then she made me some and I LOVED them. I’ve made a bunch before for some friends and they are their favorites as well. And yes, I love all these products and refuse to get rid of them to my husbands disapproval! Thank you so much for stopping by!

  18. This is so helpful!!! It’s hard to know what baby items are worth the price, and I loved your very specific points on each. The bit about your son being in the closet was too cute. Honestly, most babies don’t need a nursery all to themselves.

    Be the author of your own story,
    Rebecca Kelsey Sampson

    • It is hard to know what to buy because there a so many different things and people saying you NEED them. Honestly no one NEEDS any of these things, babies just need milk, cloths and diapers and they are good to go but there are things that make life easier. With this list is an eaqually long list of things I got that were absolutely useless and a waste of money. And babies don’t need a full nursery. Sure if we had some more space it would have been nice but we had to work with what we had cause that life and babies can sleep in closets and still survive 😉 Thanks for stopping by!

    • It is hard to know what to buy because there a so many different things and people saying you NEED them. Honestly no one NEEDS any of these things, babies just need milk, cloths and diapers and they are good to go but there are things that make life easier. With this list is an equally long list of things I got that were absolutely useless and a waste of money. And babies don’t need a full nursery. Sure if we had some more space it would have been nice but we had to work with what we had cause that life and babies can sleep in closets and still survive 😉 Thanks for stopping by!

  19. I discovered the bouncer with my last two and it was a lifesaver when it came to getting them to sleep! This is a great list that every new mom or mom to be should have!

    • The bouncer was a favorite. Our first didn’t take a pacifier and let’s just say it was a very rough first 3 months and sometimes that is the only way he would sleep was in that bouncer.

  20. We’ve made the decision to start trying for a family and I’ve been enjoying all of the baby posts that I can find. I think it’s interesting how everyone has their own set of favorite items and necessities. I’m curious to see what ends up being my favorite items!

    • Congrats on starting a family! I actually never thought I’d have kids but thought I was going to be a ‘working woman’. Little did I know. But after 3 kids I LOVE it even though it’s tough. It is definitely the hardest thing you’ll ever do but at the same time the most rewarding. I would borrow or buy used a lot of items. I have a whole other list of things that we bought, sometimes expensive things, that were absolutely useless for us. Plus babies grow up so fast that it’s usually only needed for a short period. I have had friends borrow some of my faves and it saves them from having to buy it.

  21. The bouncer and the pack and play should be given to parents at the hospital after delivery. Best baby shower gifts ever!

  22. All of these are amazing ideas. I wish they had some of these products when I had my baby. Things have come a long way.

    • They have! Even from my first which was only 7 years ago they’ve come up with some really great products and I’m sure they’ll just keep them coming!

  23. Shannon Graham says:

    Girl, I do not blame you one bit for not wanting to get rid of those! I’m not going to lie, if a house fire hadn’t taken my own personal baby items that my mother used with me growing up, I wouldn’t definitely still have them.

    • Sad to hear about the fire, that is devastating. I must say though that classics never go out of style and can be used over and over.

  24. So many of these items were also my favorite and my kids range up to age 26! A good thing is a good thing! The Oballs are a new on though. They sound like a great toy!

  25. Can I first say, your baby has the most adorable expressions? LOVE IT! Pack and play was a lifesaver for my niece and we used that umbrella stroller until she was at least 7….. because she absolutely hated to walk and it made our lives sooooooo much easier.! Tried and true!!

    • Thank you so much! I love that kid he’s such a cutie and I could stare at his face forever. I’m pretty sure most parents are like this but I’m always amazing when I see them because I’m like “I made that?!” Life is so awesome. And yes the pack and play is the best (My youngest slept in his, in our closet, until he was almost two!) We are so lucky to live in such a time where we have so many things that make our lives easier. Thank you so much for your comment and stopping by!

  26. I love LOVE those little baby balls! My daughter has an orange one and really loves it! I am definitely keeping it!

  27. We still use the spoons and forks and our daughter is almost four.

  28. What a collection! We love our pack and play, and it has been going strong through 3 little ones. I think with our third, we realized we didn’t need much of anything for a baby besides my moby and the pack and play. My older two seem to keep her entertained and busy enough on their own!

  29. CourtneyLynne says:

    My daughter was obsessed with her bouncy seat! It was the only way I showered for the longest time. Put that in the bathroom floor while I would rise off as fast as possible lol….

    • I totally did that too! We still have the one from our first son and he’s 8. For a while it was the only way he would sleep. Oh those sleepless nights bouncing that thing. Thanks for stopping by!

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