Trading Up and Making Robots

So I finally did it, I traded my Cricut for a Silhouette after much debate and research. I wasn’t sure about it until I first tried it then instantly knew I was going to be using it a lot more than I had my Cricut. LOVE IT for so many reasons. It’s just much more flexible and less expensive.

The day I got it in the mail Levi and I decide we’d give it a whirl and mad a shirt. He picked out everything. The color of shirt (green of course) and picked out a cool robot they had on their site. All we did was pick, adjust sizes, cut and iron. Simple and the perfect project to do with a kid. We’re now scheming to do some fun superhero shirts as well.


Bellezamia-Banners-OMSOTR (26)

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  1. Love it!! I am working at saving up for one. My boys would love a project like this also 🙂

  2. This is darling! My son is robot obsessed! I have an old silhouette. I wonder if it would do this? I am your newest follower.



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