Toddler School – Preschool Homework Binder

My son is swiftly approaching a school age and it kind of terrifies me, partly do to the fact that is so hard for him to sit still. Normal boy stuff. So I wanted to get him started on having some sit down time writing, learning and doing other homeworky stuff every day.

At the store I saw these fabulous books with things to trace while they’re learning how to use a pencil, identifying letters, sounds. They are great. I bought one and quickly realized I wanted to get more out of it because my little man was going to need to use it much more than one time, more like 50. At first I tried using a pencil and eraser, but that was extremely time consuming on my part and didn’t even work very well. Then I thought of laminating them but that is spendy so I came up with this genius idea.

I tore the whole book apart and put each page in a sheet protector and put it in a binder. It actually ended up being two binders because I had a number of things I printed off online and it all didn’t quite fit. But it worked out because my other son usually ends up wanting to do ‘homework’ too.
Inside I put a pencil pouch with dry erase marker and an eraser (a magic eraser works best)
In the front pocket I put laminated printables I had already made up. In the back I have some easy reading books as well.
Homework time.
I found these great printables online. I love this site for any who are wondering.


When homework time comes around I just pick a section and let him have at it. It has made everything so much easier. My younger son also is fairly enthusiastic about it which has done a number on my supply of dry erase pens. Thank goodness for the dollar store (cheapest place for the FYI) Then done pull out one of these bad boys, they are amazing. I tried using a regular eraser but it was hard for some reason. This is way better
although it usually ends up looking pretty trashed.
So far so good and I plan to use these for the next kid (or two whenever that happens) and can switch it out for other grades when the time comes.



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  1. What a fantastic idea! I've laminated a few of the trace the letter pages (like the ones you showed) which have worked really well with Ethan. A bit of work on the front end but I imagine you'll save a lot of money in the long run once it gets used by other kids too.

  2. What a great idea! For my preschooler I have just bought a bunch of workbooks we go through. It would have been much smarter to put them into a binder and use dry erase markers. I think I need to do this.

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