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I have taught kids The Wise Man and the Foolish Man song for years, it is simple with actions and kids love it.

This time around, I want to do something a little different and talk a little bit about the song and talk more about what it means and how we can apply it in our lives. Also, we are planning on doing it to a different tune so we will be learning that as well.

We are going to be singing it to a different tune found here. And you can find the sheet music for it here.


Lesson Plan

Read Matthew 7:24-25. Say, The first story that Jesus tells us in this passage is about a man who builds his house upon a rock.  Think about what a rock is and what it feels like.  It is very strong and sturdy.  Jesus is like a rock.  When we have Jesus in our lives it is like we are standing on a rock.  We are not going to fall down when Jesus is holding us up.  We have to rely on Jesus in every part of our lives.  If we do, He will not let us fall.

Read Matthew 7:26-27.  Say, The second part of this story is about a man who built his house on the sand.  What is sand like?  It is squishy and it moves when you walk on it.  The world is like sand.  When we build our lives on whatever we want, but not Jesus, it is like standing on the sand.  When life is hard the foundation we are standing on gets squishy and we will fall down.  Without Jesus we fall down.  The foolish man’s house fell down when the storm came.

Read Matthew 7:28-29.  Say, When Jesus taught this lesson, many people were amazed because they knew that He had the authority of God to teach them.  They understood that He was right and they needed to believe in Him. What about you? Do you want to build your life upon the rock like Jesus? Or on the sand?  Help the children understand that they should build their lives on the rock of Jesus Christ.

We need to build our lives on Jesus and nothing else.  We build our lives on Jesus by believing in Him.  If we believe in Jesus then we will want to know more about Him.  We can learn more about Him by reading the scriptures and coming to church.

When we build our lives on Jesus then we gain wisdom.  What does it mean to have wisdom?  Wisdom is doing what is right in the sight of the Lord.  We get wisdom when we learn more about Jesus.  Having wisdom helps us to build our lives on the rock, just like Jesus wants us to.


Ideas for how to use these visual aids

Place the word strips “Wise” on one side of the board and “Foolish” on the other. You can add the photos of the houses and corresponding wise/foolish men on each side of the board.  Have the suggested wise/foolish action cards on the board or on a table. As you sing the song tap children on the shoulder to come to the front, pick a card and place it in the correct side of the board. For younger non-readers you can have an assigned adult to help them read and decide where it goes.

You can pass out the action cards to the children and have them take turns coming up. If you would like to spend a little more time on the activity you can talk about each action and discuss why it is a ‘wise’ or ‘foolish’ choice.

For the graphics of the wise/foolish men, their houses and wave/rain

Pick 6 children to come up to the front of the room. Each gets a picture. Anytime that word is sung with that word it corresponds with, the hold their photo up for a second or two.

Alternate idea. While the person is holding up their image, that word is not sung but mouthed. Or ONLY sing those words that the photos correspond with.


 (Click here for lesson/printable) 

The Wise Man and the Foolish Man



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