Candy Scarecrow

Cause he mixes it with love and makes the world taste good…Got to love Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

My son was singing that on the way back to the car at the pumpkin patch while he ran around with his own ‘candy man’. While we were buying our pumpkins, he spied the fun sweet treat. Ok, it was me. And we had to get it. Mr. Man was thrilled with his, making him dance, run,and turn somersaults. It was so much fun to see him so excited. And on the car ride home? “Mom, I want to eat his head”.

Candy Scarecrow 1
So I totally copied the idea and made a ton for all our trick-or-treaters. Is it wrong to totally copy like that? It’s not like I was selling them. Plus I used toosie rolls for the arms instead of smarties, so I wasn’t completely copying…… I sure hope everyone like them as much as my boys do.

FYI, I just used a glue gun to put the arms, legs and head on if anyone wants to try it out!


Bellezamia-Banners-OMSOTR (25)

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