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I think the decorations part of this party was the funniest to do. There are SOOOOO many ideas out there, I even have a board on pinterest with ideas for everything superhero.

One of the most useful things I learned how to do in the course of all my planning, is how to download a font to my computer. Strange, I know, but it really helped create a cohesive look and once it was downloaded I used it for just about everything.

I used the font for a sign on the front door that said “Proceed to superhero training” and it pointed the way to the back entrance where we were having the party. I used it for games we played and all the other signs and paper products. If you’ve never downloaded a font before and are intimidated by it, give it a try, because if I can figure it out you can and now I’m so grateful for all my new cool fonts. To do it you can find the font here at the one I used was called ‘comic’ and they even have a page that tells you how to download it to your computer or you can just look it up online. You’ll be addicted.
Superhero Party Decorations training campSince we were having the party in the backyard I knew I wanted my decorations to be few, but big because our yard is big (kind of). So I decided on this big comic signs.
Superhero Party Decorations sandboxI got a ton of poster board from the dollar store (2 for a dollar) and got some in different colors and painted the colors they didn’t have. Then just made jagged edges, no two are exactly alike.
Superhero Party Decorations signsAfter that I had tried painting the edges with a different colors to make them stand out but it didn’t work out, so I ended up cutting strips of colored butcher paper I had gotten at a teacher supply store, they have great prices. Also butcher paper, cheap and has SO many uses.

Then I free hand painted the words in black. All of it is pretty simple, it just took a while to do so many.
Superhero Party Decorations sandbox signsI’ll admit putting these up were a PAIN because I had done it the day before and it was extremely windy and extremely frustrating. The combination of an insane amount of wind and my boys continuously fighting had me pulling my hair out. I might have used a staple gun to get most of these up.
Superhero Party Decorations When I saw this idea done by Cheri over at I Am Momma, I knew I had to do it. It was too awesome not to. It took me one long night to figure out how to do it but I’m so happy I did. Also I copied pretty much the entire story swapping out the personal stuff. It was just too late of a night to get creative with it.

Superhero Party Decorations newspaper annoucementMy son flipped when he saw this bad boy hanging up.

Superhero Party Decorations newspaper annoucementThe theme of the party was superheroes, featuring no specific one but having more of a general vintage superhero comic feel. To help with that I bought a bunch of old cheap-o comics on e-bay, cut them into triangles and sewed them leaving a few inches in between each making some nice bunting to hang in the backyard.
Superhero Party Decorations comics bannerAll in all I think I had 10 rows of these flapping in the wind. It had a very cool effect.
Superhero Party Decorations comics bannerWe hung them between two trees we have in our backyard and the house. It was a little tricky to get it all set up but well worth it cause they looked awesome! A big thank you to my hubby who helped me get them all up. I’m no good on a ladder, trust me.
Superhero Party Decorations comics bannerAfter I tore up a bunch of comics, probably making some hardcore comic collector out there cry, I decided to use the covers as table displays. I color copied them (some were pretty beat up) and mounted them on black cardstock. To make them stand I had Mr. Handyman make up some blocks made from scraps of 2×4’s with a cut made halfway down the center. Spray painted them black and they are good to go.
Superhero Party Decorations comics All and all I loved the decorations, they were fun to do and there were even some things I wish I had done but just ran out of time. Check it out on pinterest to see what I’m talking about!

Superhero Party decorations pin



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  1. FABULOUS! Love love love them all. Those buntings are just so stinkin fabulous. I have been really debating doing my bigger boys bedroom in all comic stuff. I think I need to look at your whole pin board, but I have a feeling I will be using a lot of these ideas. You are so much fun and know how to throw a fabulous party.

  2. Anonymous says

    i loveeeeeee it. please where did you get the daily chronicle poster done

  3. LOVE your ideas!! Starting to plan my boys' Superhero party in Sept…they will be 3 and 5. Great job Momma!!

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