Summer Fun Ideas

I’ve been collecting a list of fun things to do with my boys during the summer, I’m so excited!

DISCLAIMER: I in no way am planning on doing all of these activities, we’ll probably only do a fraction of them. We have every intention of having a fun filled, relaxing summer but it will be nice to have a list of things to choose from.
Any Time Outdoor Ideas

Get ‘duck bread’ from local Franz outlet and feed the ducks. I want to hit up Laurelhurst Park, a fun duck I went to when I was little.

Have a picnic close to the airport. My boys LOVE planes and I think will adore this one. Another idea is just go to the airport and watch them take off from inside.

A day at the beach. Of course a summer wouldn’t be complete without it.

Host an evening movie party. I was thinking it would be fun to invite some of my son’s friends over to watch a movie. If the weathers right we can do it outside (I know some people with projectors)

Go on a bug hunt. My boys adore watching bugs. Also maybe if we do ‘bug day’ I have some bigger plastic bugs that I was planning on throwing in the pool and letting them ‘catch’. Water and bugs, a great combination.

Camping out in the backyard, it might be nice to have the tent up for a bit because I know they would love the idea of having a fort even if it’s temporary.

Have a day at a farm. I have a couple friends who live out in the country and wouldn’t mind us taking a look around and taking a walk out that way.

Go berry picking. Again we know a number of people who live in the country and would let us pick their blackberries (there are a ton of them around here) or maybe just go to a berry farm.

Have a kids craft day. I was thinking it might be fun to invite some kids and their mommies to design and make their own shirts, I have all the stuff for it. We could take turns designing while the others play in the pool/sprinkler.

Walk to the local 7/11 to get popcicles. From my house it’s a slow 1/2 walk and has a park right next to it. We did this all the time when we were kids.

Play hide and go seek in the back yard. With a twist, use squirt guns.

Ice cream party! Invite some friends over and have them bring a topping then the kids can make their own and play in the pool/sprinkler.

Kiddie car wash. Have them either help wash the car or they can wash their bikes or toy cars. Any excuse to get wet!

Photo scavenger hunt, maybe take pictures of everything you see thats a certian color, or doing the alphabet

Play catch using milk jugs, seen here

Tour police/fire station, I’ve heard of a number of preschool playgroups getting together and doing this.

Geocatching? I’ve never done this before and don’t know if my boys are quite old enough, but they might really get into it!

Play in a fountain, around here, Bethany Fountains is a fun place

Cooper Mountain Nature Park, lots of different trails for various abilities. They have various activities and nature programs found here (18892 SW Kemmer Road, Beaverton)

Tualatin Hills Nature Park, they have an interpretive center, paved hiking trails, picnic areas. (15655 SW MILLIKAN WAY) more info found here Center is open M-F 8:30am-5pm and Sat-Sun 9am-5pm

Enchanted Forest, I used to go here as a kid and loved it. Definitely not free, but lots of fun.

My husband doesn’t know this but I am totally having him make this!
Any Time Indoor Ideas (not a very long list bc since Oregon is so rainy the rest of the year I’d rather do outdoors stuff, but here are some things I’ve been wanting to do)

Go to the mall and play on the play structures (the one close to me has one)

Make a fort (do a fort kit like this)

Take off all the couch cushions and play leap frog

I got some passes to Pump It Up, should be fun

Also have some passes I got to Munchkin Land around Christmas time and I went in early March with them and my oldest had some how grown so much that now he’s too big! But fun for the little one. I have a ton of these passes, if anyone around me wants to try it out or do some sort of kid swap for the little ones I’m in! My boys love this place, too bad one is too tall (yeah, and he’s only three, but about the size of a 5 year old)

CRAFTS!!!! My son and I found a bunch online and here’s a link to see what we found on Pinterst (my latest love). He’s such a crafter, want’s to do it numerous times a day.

Other fun activities, indoor and out on pinterest

Local Planned Events in the Portland, Oregon/Washington County Area

6/11 Saturday (9-4pm) Cruisin’ Sherwood, Old Town Sherwood – SW Railroad Street
6/15 Wednesday (10-11) Storytime at the Farm – Luscher Farms in West Linn FREE
6/21 Tuesday (10:30am or 11:30) Family Story time @ CM Bethany Library
6/21 Tue-6/22 Wed (10am) MOVIE Alpha and Omega/Diary of a Wimpy Kid
6/24-6/26 Fri-Sun Festival of Balloons in Tigard
6/25 Saturday (10am) $3 per child/adults free Ladybug Nature Walks

6/27 Monday (10:00am) Jugglemania at Bethany Library
6/28/2011 Tuesday (10:30am or 11:30]) Family Story time @ CM Bethany Library
6/28 Tue-6/29 Wed (10am) MOVIE Charolett’s Web/Percy Jackson and the Olympians
6/29 Wednesday (10:30 and 11:30) Mr. Shoehorn’s Dances – Hillsboro Main Library

7/5/2011 Tuesday (10:30am or 11:30)Family Story time @ CM Bethany Library
7/5 Tue-7/6 Wed (10am) MOVIE Furry Vengeance/Shrek Forever After
7/11-7/15 Craft Camp (2-5pm) at Halverson’s
7/11 Monday (10am) Just for Fun Comedy/Magic Show Bethany Fountains
7/12/2011 Tuesday (10:30am or 11:30) Family Story time @ CM Bethany Library
7/13 Wednesday (10:30 and 11:45) Hillsboro Main Library “Big Backyard” Clown Show
7/15-7/16 Sherwood Robin Hood Festival NW First Street – Old Town Sherwood Free
7/15-7/17 West Linn Old Time Fair, Ski Show, Parade, Car Show
7/18 Monday (10am) Mr. Shoehorn’s Dances with Instruments – Bethany Fountains
7/19/2011 Tuesday (10:30am or 11:30) Family Story time @ CM Bethany Library
7/19 Tue-7/20 Wed (10am) MOVIE Gullivers Travel/How to Train Your Dragon
7/20 Wednesday (10:30 and 11:30am) Jugglemania Hillsboro Main Library
7/21 Thursday (5:30-8pm) Bethany Summer Concert – Bethany Library
7/25 Monday (10am) “Big Backyard” Clown Show – Bethany Fountains
7/26/2011 Tuesday (10:30am or 11:30) Family Story time @ CM Bethany Library
7/26 Tue-7/27 Wed (10am) MOVIE Marmaduke/Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything7/28-7/31 Washington County Fair Free

8/2/2011 Tuesday (10:30am or 11:30) Family Story time @ CM Bethany Library
8/2 Tue-8/3 Wed (10am) MOVIE Despicable Me/Nanny McPhee Returns
8/4 Thursday (5:30-8pm) Bethany Summer Concert – Bethany Library
8/9 Tue-8/10 Wed (10am) MOVIE Ramona & Beezus/Yogi Bear
8/16 Tue-8/17 Wed (10am)MOVIE Chronicles of Narnia/Tale of Despereaux

8/18 Thursday (5:30-8pm) Bethany Summer Concert – Bethany Library
8/23 Tue-8/24 Wed (10am) MOVIE Cats and Dogs: Revenge/Megamind
8/27 Saturday (11am-4pm) Bug Fest 2011 at the Tualatain Hills Nature Park more info here

Lists of fun local outdoor gardens, hiking areas, and other fun outdoor activities

Tyron Creek Story and Stroll Wednesdays (1-2pm) @ Tryon Creek Nature Center 11321 SW Terwilliger Blvd Portland, OR 97219 for ages 3-6 must register to attend FREE!

Leach Botanical Garden Tours Saturdays May – October (11-12) FREE! Info here

Hoyt Arboretum Lady Bug Nature Walks, guided tours, walks.

Powell Butte hike found on Local Hikes a 2.5 mile hike (1.5 hours)

Pittock Mansion, Children under 6 free! also can use cultural pass from library

Oregon Wild FREE Hikes and Events

Oregon Parks and Recreation
search for any state park

The Grotto, beautiful shrine and botanical garden

Portland Rose Garden lots of beautiful gardens

Japanese Gardens
, in Portland, use library cultural pass

Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden
$3 admission

Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge
nature area, trails

Kelly Point Park paths, paved and unpaved, picnic areas, historical site

Noble Woods Park in Hillsboro off Baseline

Gordon House
designed by Frank Lloyd Wright set in oak grove $5 fee

A.C. Gilbert’s Discovery Village
in Salem lots of fun kids activities use library cultural pass
Salem Riverfront Carousel also in Salem

Historic Deepwood Estate
historic home, garden and trail

Magness Memorial Tree Farm
in Sherwood, trails and hikes

Mary S. Young State Recreation Area
in West Linn, with hiking trails and picnic areas

Jenkins Estate
in Beaverton historic home, gardens FREE admission

Storytime at the Farm every Wednesday 10-11 at Luscher Farms in West Linn FREE

Calendar Reference 

Portland Family Fun Website (a great guide!) 

Cedar Mill Bethany Library Calendar of Events found here
Hillsboro Main Library Calendar of Events found here
Summer Movie Express Calendar here
Washington County Visitors Center website found here
Oregon Metro Calendar here



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  1. I was taking a break from packing and was blogging when I found this. I'm moving to Hillsboro this month so I'm SO excited to find that you have done so much work for me. Thank you!

  2. I love living in Oregon! Thanks for all the great ideas!
    Hope you have a wonderful summer 🙂

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