Spooky Candle Holders

For several months now I have been wanting to do some fun Halloween decorations. I didn’t do much last year, I’m not sure why but I’m sure there was a good reason. But for this year I REALLY wanted to get/make some fun, spooky decorations.

Spooky Candle Holders 1
One thing I really wanted was some fun candle holders. I looked in numerous thrift stores for weeks and didn’t find any I liked (I’m sure many Halloween enthusiasts had similar plans in mind). But I finally scored a couple fun candle holders that would fit my spooktastic needs.

Spooky Candle Holders 2
The brass candle holder in the middle I have no idea how it was originally used. It seems like there was no base, yet there was no way to hang it either, so I got a different candle holder and used a TON of E6000 to keep it in place. Once that was done I went crazy with the spray paint. Every time my husband hears that tin can shaking his eyes start rolling! He’ll never stop me and my spray paintin’ ways.

Spooky Candle Holders 3
I still have some finishing touches I want to add, like antiquing it up a bit and adding some cobwebs but wanted to show it off. Better now than Nov. 1st!

Spooky Candle Holders 1


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