Sometimes Ya Gotta Brag

This is one of those braggy, my husbands awesome sort of posts. So beware.

I am so lucky to have such a handy, creative guy. I’m pretty sure he could make anything if he set his mind to it. He sometimes gets down on himself saying he could have done it better or this and that is messed up but I think it’s all amazing. He just works on such a bigger scale and with so much cooler tools than I do. Here’s some of his recent stuff, okay, mostly stuff within the past year.

His big fish tank stand he made a while back. I love all the molding.
His new fish tank stand. We’re switching things around and replacing our bigger tank with this smaller one. I love the wood finish. Also you can’t see it but there are two hanging lights above it. They look awesome.

This was my birthday present last year. A custom made, large enough to fit Costco spices, spice rack that fits right inside the pantry door. I love it and don’t know what I did without it. He was working at a machine shop at the time and they let him use the machine to cut out the plastic pieces.

This summer he built a retaining wall in the back yard to level things out a bit so we could move our trampoline from the only sunny spot in the yard to a slightly shadier area. Then he had the idea of making another, bigger sandbox right next to it. Genius. Whenever we have kids over they always fought over our tiny sandbox. Now there’s two. All that needs to be done is putting covers on them!

And what I have been DREAMING of for almost two years. Cabinets that go on either side of the fireplace to put all the toys and such, making tons of extra space. One is filled with toys for the kiddos the other is ‘mine’, though it’s really stuff for the boys but just stuff that needs to be more supervised. Also there is a big bin for Levi’s stuff, like his special books, some toys that is just for him when Max is napping.

Hilariously, I said that once the cabinets were in we weren’t going to use the fireplace as toy storage…..hasn’t happened. Maybe once we redo the fireplace.

I love, love, love them. He did it all by himself (though he did order the doors). Eventually there will be bookcases on top of each that will go to the ceiling with some nice molding around it and the TV will be over the fireplace, but that’s for later.

I am sooooo lucky to have such a clever, creative, handy guy. He just makes me smile.


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