Must Have School Lunch Products

While fun school lunch products aren’t going to make or break a school year, they sure make things funner!

It’s back to school time. I’m sort of ready, sort of not. It’s hard seeing your kiddos go off in a place where you have little control of but at the same time you know it is a step towards them becoming more independent, which is kind of what you’re job is.

One of my favorite things about back to school is 1.) the routine which is again, love hate and 2.) packing their lunches. Ok at least for the first several months then it’s not quite as exciting but I still like it! It’s my little ‘I love you’ to them when they are so far away. Here are some of our favorite school lunch products!

Lunch Boxes

Being a Portland-er and recycling since I could remember I have always opted towards more reusable boxes rather than Ziploc bags. To me, they seem just as easy to use and less garbage. Here are my favorite boxes!






1.  Easy LunchBoxes 3 Compartment Containers – One of the reasons we love these is because they are easy to use and inexpensive. You never know what a kid is going to do or if they’ll leave their lunch at school or what. So these are nice because I never had to worry that they’d lose an expensive container. They keep the areas pretty separate though not perfectly. Overall though they are a great choice.

2. RubberMaid LunchBlox – I love these because they keep everything tight and contained. We have some and they have been nice to use because you can mix and match them also they stack really well. There is a size for a sandwich as well as some snack sizes.

3. YumBox – Of all the school lunch products this is one of our favorites and used daily. These boxes are the ones we currently use and have used them almost 2 years with no problems. We had another bento type box but you couldn’t really put anything liquid in it. even carrots because the moisture would get to other areas. It would make crackers stale so we looked for something different. I researched SO MANY BOXES. I asked friends, looked at ratings and I finally got a YumBox. Just one at first because they are spendy. But we loved them so much that we soon bought 2 others for our other boys as well as several inserts. I love these because they are super easy to clean (dishwasher friendly) and they keep everything separate really well. To me, they are worth the price. We’ve hardly had to buy any Ziploc bags and haven’t had a problem with any of them.


Reusable Containers


4. Slim Snacks – Make your own gogurts or use these to store any number of things so you don’t have to keep using Ziplocs for everything (I’m a true Oregonian and love to recycle and reuse)

5. Little Green Pouch Reusable Food Pouch – I scoured the internet looking for reusable food pouches. Growing up in Oregon I’ve always recycled and so the idea of throwing away tons and tons of plastic pouches was hard for me so I looked for an alternative. These were the best rated and while they were on the spendy side I can tell you they work great and are reused often in this house. Also if you do lose a cap you can use a cap from almost any other pouch! (Hey, I have 3 boys and we tend to lose a lot of lids on things!)

6. Itzy Ritzy Snack Happens Snack Bag – I love these! I’ve also made my own, which do take a lot of time. But these ones work really well and are perfect if you’re not a sewer. If you are, here’s a great tutorial!


Lunchbox Accessories

Some of our favorite school lunch products are bento picks. Fun bento picks are one of my tricks for getting my guys to try new foods. It’s amazing how a little stick with a sword or some eyes makes everything taste better!



7. Silicone Baking Cups – These are perfect for bento boxes and help you separate out different foods. I had some from when I wanted to try them for baking (which I didn’t like so much) but they are perfect for lunchboxes. They come in both circle and rectangle shapes.

8. Monster Food Forks – I love how durable they are (said the mom of 3 boys who break everything). My guys love bento picks and there are a lot more girly ones out there so I was looking for something my boys would love and they loved these guys because they kind of look like aliens.

9. Sandwich Cutters – Why? Cutters just make things funner and if you’re trying to get your kiddo to try something new putting them in a fun shape can trick them just enough to try it. We also used a train shaped one for my sons train birthday party.

10. Cocktail Spears – I love these because you can fit a lot of food on them and also since they are intended for one time use it is ok if a kid happens to throw it away and you also get a lot for cheap.

11. Fit & Fresh Cool Coolers Ice Pack – A lot of times we use ice packs to keep food cool (my oldest loves meat sandwiches and who likes warm meat?) These slim ones fit perfectly in a lunch box and come in really cute characters.

12. Eye Bento Picks – Another one of my boys favorites because putting eyes on anything makes it funner. Pretty much any bento pick is awesome though!

13. Animal Bento Picks – A boy crowd pleaser for sure.






14. Camelbak Water Bottle – We’ve bought many water bottles in our days and have lost or broken just as many. Except for these Camelbak bottles. So we have a number of them in the kids sizes and adult. I also love that you can purchase straws and other attachments seperately. We’ve had some of our bottles for years because they just last that long!

15.  Juice in the Box –  A good friend of mine recommended this and said she loved it for her and her kiddos so it’s on my list of things to try.

16. Asobu Reusable Drink Box – Another recommendation that I want to try! The ratings are very good and they’re supposed to be very durable.


Lunch Box Notes

Along with all these fun school lunch products one of my boys favorite things is getting jokes in their lunchboxes and I love to give them. You know those super cheesey, laffy taffy-esque jokes that little boys love. Online you can find lots of cute printables but the problem is usually there’s less than a dozen so you need to find a print a bunch of them. Because I didn’t want to do this again I decided to make up my own, 180 little joke cards so that they’re all done at the same time and ready to give for the whole rest of the year. Done and done.


If you want your own set of 180 jokes CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW or go to this post.

Hopefully, you like these great school lunch products. While school lunch products, accessories, and boxes are not going to make or break a school year but they sure are fun!
Did I miss anything? What are some of your favorite school lunch products.



Need to Have Lunch Box Accessories
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