Pick a Song Activity – Primary Music Time

I have a couple of bigger, more complicated activities I like to do throughout the year but for the most part, I love simplicity. Partially for my own sanity in preparing a lesson because I have 3 kids and run my own business from home and time is limited (as I am sure it is for most!)


Also, I’ve found that many times in the past, especially when I first started, that when I did these big elaborate activities something would inevitably go wrong. Without fail. The sacrament would go over so I had hardly any time. Sunbeams would have meltdowns (including my own kiddos once or twice). The kids had too much energy. Then all that time and planning basically went down the drain.


That is why I like to keep things moving but simple.


Now I almost refuse to make up an activity that is a one time only sort of things. I like things that can be repeated at LEAST once a year.


One of my favorite activities is “Pick something and then we sing a song” which can be done with ANYTHING and kids, at least my kids, love it.


I love it because it is simple. All you need are some objects and songs they go with. It also has kids singing most of the time which is what you want. More singing, less talking.


This one I do in the summer and has sand and fake gemstones I found at the dollar tree. The sand is moonsand which I love because it’s less messy which you can DIY or buy on Amazon and you can find stones here. You could also use shells which would be fun too! I tell the kids we’re going to dig for buried treasure (usually relating it some how to the months topic. Like your testimony, Book of Mormon, temples…. are like a treasure and then share testimony about it).


This time each color stone will be paired with a song that we are working on. I am using this singing time to evaluate where were are at with our program songs and see which ones we need to focus on in the next couple of months.


Pick a stone. Sing a song.


Easy peasy.


Sometimes with this type of activity, I’ll add something into the songs like using yoga cards or have them pick a way to sing (like these cards I made up,) have them march, clap a beat….just to add some variety and keep the Jr’s moving a little more.


This type of activity can be done with just about anything. Here are some examples:

  • Christmas ornaments (I used different ornaments off my tree that had special meaning and related to the song)
  • Leaves for fall (I have a little metal tree that I ‘hang’ things off of, kind of like this one for jewelry but I made one for myself)
  • Back to school using different school supplies
  • Making a cake using the different ingredients
  • Plastic flowers for Mothers Day or during the spring
  • Different colored hearts during February
  • Pieces of a Nativity set (I love this one for kids, we have a similar one that is inexpensive and good for kids to handle)
  • Party poppers or Wack a packs (on each you can insert a small piece of paper to have the song/a number)

There are so many different ways you can do this type of activity. What have you done?



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