Easy DIY Monster Valentines Box

This Monster Valentines box took less than an hour making (not including paint drying time). It was super simple, we didn’t have to buy anything to make it and is a simple craft project for kids. In our years of doing Valentines boxes we usually tend to go super simple. This year it was decided it was going to be a monster so we looked around for something to be the container and couldn’t find any boxes so went with the milk jug and it worked perfectly.


First you take a jug, clean it out then start cutting some jagged teeth. I got it started with an exacto knife then just used scissors. It doesn’t have to be perfect, in fact we found the less perfect it looked the better it was because, after all, it is a monster Valentines box.

monster-milk-jug-valentines-box-1Then to make sure you can open and close the ‘mouth’ you have to take out a small section of the handle. We just used scissors.   monster-milk-jug-valentines-box-2 A quick coat of spray paint that we had on hand and then let it dry for a few hours. It was one coat, no primer. Why? Because this is a Valentines box and most likely be thrown away on February 15th.

monster-milk-jug-valentines-box-3After that he decorated it with a little help from me with the eyes and arms. You can use just about anything to decorate it. Stickers, pens, paint, pom poms, felt, pretty much anything you’ve got. We used a pack of heart stickers because we had them on hand and plus it’s Valentines day. Put it all together and you have a pretty sweet monster Valentines box. Over all it was the perfect size to carry all the valentines from his class.


Our little monster stuck around for a week or so and held up fairly well. this might be a fun container to keep small toys in or other special things.


Easy MonsterValentines Box


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