Harry Potter’s Monster Book of Monsters Tutorial

One of the things we really wanted to make for our Harry Potter Party was a Monster Book of Monsters that is found in the 3rd book. I know you can buy them but they’re kind of expensive……. so we saw this video and changed a few things to make it work for us.





First you need your base. Samatha (from the video) made her own Monster Book of Monsters out of cardboard. I’ve seen kraft books I thought about using as well as making our own wood one because I knew my boys would really want to USE theirs so it had to be sturdier. So my husband thought about the zip up three ring binders like these but they were a little spendy so I checked out Goodwill and found two that would work (we were making two because if we only did one the two HP lovers in the house might would have had a duel over them, wands and all). The goodwill ones were only a few dollars and one was even fancy with lots of pockets.



  • A base (Make your own, use a binder, Kraft book, use Wood box
  • Faux fur (link for some one Amazon but I got mine at the Fabric Depot on clearance and with a coupon so it was super cheap and I only got a half yard for 2 books)
  • Glue gun and sticks (lots)
  • Eyes (you can use marbles and for one we did round buttons on one and doll eyes for the other
  • Fimo Clay in red and white, one square of each color per book. I used a coupon at Michaels (always use the 40%/50% off coupons at craft stores, use the phone on your app and you always have it!)
  • Fiberfill I used some leftovers we had for one then we ran out and I used some scrap fabric. Use whatever, no one will see it!

Note: ignore the red cloth. I was going to do a tongue like in the video but decided not to but of course you can.


First start cutting out the amount of fabric you need, each monster book of monsters is unique depending on what you’ve chosen as your base. Mine was pretty much perfect from when I had it cut. You only need an inch or so hanging off the edges.


Now start gluing. I wish I had found my large glue gun so I had to do with the small and it took way longer than it should have. Anways, start at spine and work your way out on each end doing as much glue as you can then quickly holding it down before it cools.


On the top part you will want to make a U shaped area which you will leave unglued because later that will be filled with cotton and raised up.


Once everything is glued now you can make the edges. Pretty easy, just cut zig zags making them as long or as short as you want.

Warning. There will be a lot of fun. I mean everywhere.


Now remember where you didn’t glue down? You need to cut a line connecting the ends of the U giving you access to the open, unglued area. This will be where the ‘head’ and eyes are.


Once you have cut the slit start filling it up with your fiberfill or whatever you have. Fill it as little or as much as you’d like. Once it’s full do your best to glue it shut. It’s not super pretty but then you can use the fur and eyes to cover it up.


Once it’s shut put your eyes on! Just hot glue them and use the fur to cover up what’s needed.


Making the Teeth

Now it’s time for your fimo clay.

Make a flat circle and cut it in half. One for each side.

Then on the round edge make holes in it, this is where the teeth will go.

For the white teeth (sorry I don’t have a better pictures of that part!) you just take bits of white and roll them into teeth shapes at both ends and slip the individual teeth into the holes so they stay.

After the teeth are in form it in the place it will be going so it is a good fit. You will be hot gluing it down (More with the hot glue, love the stuff!)

When it’s all formed bake the clay as instructed on the package. Once it’s cooled just hot glue in place.



Monster Book of Monsters!

Isn’t he cute? My little man loved petting his new friend!





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