Mini Cheesecloth Ghosts

I saw this idea somewhere and I wish I could remember where but I don’t. Anyways, it’s a variation on what my family used to do when I was a kid. We would make ‘ghosts’ out of cheese cloth and sugar, it was a great family tradition. This is the same idea but using a fabric stiffener instead of sugar, which is probably good because my mom told me that sometimes we would suck on our sugar laden ghosts. Kids are so gross.

Mini Cheesecloth Ghosts 1
To form the base I used some balls my boys had from a little ball pit they got from one of their grandpas. I believe I saw it using Easter eggs but you could use anything round, I thought about using a balloon too. Whatever works.

I rolled up some paper to use as the base and taped the balls on.

Mini Cheesecloth Ghosts 2
Next I grabbed my “stiffy” fabric stiffener and some cheesecloth squares cut to 8×8 inches.

Mini Cheesecloth Ghosts 3
Just put the stiffener in a bowl and get the squares wet with the stuff and put them on whatever the form is. I used two squares for each ghost.

Mini Cheesecloth Ghosts 4
After I let them dry overnight I strung some fishing line right through their heads (they are still pretty ‘holy’) and got hole punch and black paper for the eyes. Easy peasy.

Mini Cheesecloth Ghosts 5
I love them and my three year old keeps telling me how ‘tuete’ they are.


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