Mario Party Games and Activities

One of the things my boys wanted to do for the Mario party games was to do an obstacle course. We looked around, figured out what would work best in our yard and how we could make it work so here’s what we came up with for our Mario party games and activities.

First off at each of the different areas we had a happy little star, just so they hopefully know where they were going. There were lots of people there to help if some of the younger kids needed it but I thought it would be a fun decoration as well has helping kids remember.


 Warp Tube

We started with going through the ‘warp tube’. We’ve had this tube forever and you can find them here, we just have the older version of it. My kids love it and we use it for lots of different things, like this!

All the kids stayed here at the beginning waiting for their turn to go. We had two kids go at the same time, spaced out just to keep things moving (I think we had 15 kids!) We had a Mario and Luigi hat we found here and so they got to pick if they were Mario or Luigi.



Piranha Plants

They then had to weave through the piranha plants without touching one. I was thinking if we wanted it to be more difficult we could have someone throwing fireballs at them but they worked fine.


  • Red dot balloons  we ended up using 8 of them but it just depends on how many you want to do
  • Sharpies
  • Pool Noodles we were lucky and it was right before summer so they had them at the dollar store and we cut them in half but you can find them here in the off season
  • Bamboo skewers and we used two for each ‘flower’


  1. Cut noodles in half, scissors or an exacto knife work fine, make a small slit at the bottom
  2. Blow up the balloons
  3. Tie a string on the balloons
  4. String it through the noodle and put the string through the slit to keep the balloon on the noodle. We also taped it
  5. Draw on a crooked line with a sharpie
  6. Put the skewer through the bottom of the noodle (pierce the side wall vertically), do this on both sides
  7. Place in the ground



Stomp the Goombas

After that it’s time to meet the Goombas!

For this it’s pretty easy, the goal is to jump, stomp or sit on one of them.



  1. Cut out the faces (I did this days before)
  2. Blow up the balloons
  3. Make the feet by cutting a paper plate, pointing them outwards and taping them
  4. Attach the feet to the balloon, then add on the face

Mario-Party-activities-obstacle-courseThe kids had a blast stomping them and ended up doing one on their turn and then at the end when we were all done. It was so fun to see some of the little guys who just didn’t have enough weight to pop one doing all sorts of things to get theirs to pop. Then you would see older kids just stomp them in one big stomp.



Gathering Coins

Super simple. On our trampoline we just threw out 10 small dessert yellow paper plates that they had to gather. I had my right next to it to put them back on and scatter them to prepare for the next person as well has help any of the younger kids up on the trampoline.


Underwater World




  1. Cut the blue table cloth in strips, ours were about a foot apart
  2. Drape blue table cloth or attach wherever you want to put it (it could be taped in a door way, garage, wherever works)
  3. For the little fish free hand cut, add eyes, tape where ever
  4. For the squids blow up the balloons with long strings tied (we use curling ribbon we have on hand)
  5. Cut the white table cloth into 6 rectangles
  6. Spread two white rectangles on top of each other and make a small hole
  7. Thread the string attached to the balloon through the hole and let the white cloth drape
  8. Use a sharpie to add eyes. Looking back we could have done this before hand and maybe even printed something up

Mario birthday party underwater obstacle course

Castle Ghosts

I LOVED these and knew I wanted to do them.


  • White balloons, I thin we used about 20 of them for this as well as the squids
  • Sharpies, red and black (I don’t know why but I love colored sharpies and have a ton of them)
  • Black streamers – I think we just used one roll, maybe two
  • Curling ribbon (I have a ton of this stuff on hand and use it for all sorts of random things!)


  • Pretty easy, blow up balloons
  • Tie on curling ribbon
  • Add faces with sharpie
  • Use tape to attach (we attached it to the under area of our fort)
  • Use scissors and tape to cut and tape black streamers randomly to give it a darker/spookier effect



Bowser’s Castle

Once they got past the ghosts they come to the entrance of Bowsers castle! We got this castle cutout for a Halloween event and Harry Potter party at a local party supply place but you can buy it here. I like that the three segments fold into one. I’m all about awesome, compact party decor.


Then they had to run up to our Lego fort (yes we have a fort just for Legos cause they were all over the house!) and there they faced Bowser and his fireballs! We did it a couple different ways, like for the little kids they just had to avoid the fireballs, don’t worry he didn’t throw hard, and then for the older kids they had to catch it and hit him back. My husband was very good natured about the whole thing.

Bowsers shell. This was a last minute invention by my husband. I actually was just going to have him wear a green shirt and call it good but he wanted to do a little more so he went to the garage and came back with this. He used the domed top of a garbage lid, covered with a plastic green table cloth that I had on hand and stuffed it a little. Then he drilled two small holes on each side to tie small ropes for so he could put his arms through and keep it on him. The spikes are white cups we had on hand taped to it. The kids LOVED his act and afterwards a bunch of them tried on the shell and pretended to be Bowser.

Mario-birthday-party-games-obstacle-couse Mario-birthday-obstacle-course-games



  • 6 balls – We got ours from the dollar store
  • A red plastic table cloth and a yellow or orange one


  1. Cut each table cloth into 12 (we had 6 balls so 2 squares of each color per ball)
  2. Stack 2 red squares then 2 yellow/orange
  3. Put the ball in the center
  4. Gather the squares around the ball
  5. Tie a string and knot it a couple of times
  6. Done and time to fire away!

Fireball tutorial

Red Brick Pinata

After the obstacle course we had all the kids have some food and sang to Mr. Mario and had cupcakes. Then it was time for the pinata! At first we weren’t going to have one but the birthday boy really, really, really wanted one and since we only do these parties once every two years I figured why the heck not.

I really wanted something simple and thought about doing a bomb one like we did for our super hero party because it was pretty easy but then decided on the brick which was even simplier. I told Jason, Mr. Build It, what I had in mind and here is what he came up with.


  • A square box
  • Rope, something strong
  • Red paper
  • A sharpie


  1. With one end taped shut punch six holes at the top in a circle as pictured
  2. String them through each other making two loops
  3. With the tail tie them up at the top in a knot leaving a long strand, this is what it will be swung from
  4. Fill the box with goodies. We added stars as ‘big’ prizes. If someone got the star they could come to me and pick something out from the prize box (small toys we had)
  5. On the bottom of the box lightly tape it up DON’T tape it too hard at the bottom! They will be punching it not hitting it with a hard bat. We had all the kids go and no one got it until the end and he was the oldest kid. We had it loosly taped with a little knick in it so it would open
  6. Wrap it up in red paper
  7. Use a sharpie to draw bricks, I just did it super fast with a ruler
  8. Punch away!




Mario-Birthday-party-pinata-tutorial-7For the pinata each kid had a fun question mark box to put all their stuff in. It was a hit. Literally, pow!

Mario-Birthday-party-pinata-tutorial -6

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Mario birthday party obstacle course


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  1. This is awesome!! If we ever have another Mario birthday this is the way to go. We did my son’s room in Mario. Check it out sometime on my blog.

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