Mario Party Food and Goody Bags

Mario Party Food

For our Mario party food we kept things super simple and low key. Seriously. After doing lots of kids parties I’ve learned that kids like it simple. Well more they don’t care much. I did a big spread for our train party and it was a bigger spread because it was more of an adult/kid party. We only had a handful of kids and the adults mostly stayed and ate. But this one was a drop off sort of one and I know what kids like. Pizza. So that is what we did, plain old pizza. To be fair I did add carrots and apple slices and no one but me and a couple of kids ate. Oh well a girl can try.

We got tons of pizza and had simple colored plates and napkins that fit the them as well as these cute cups. Ok, I just made stickers for them. The graphics are from Hale Grafx  I used these cupcake toppers for both the cupcakes as well as the cups and I just cut the circles with my circle punch that I had from back in my scrapbooking days.


I actually have a ton of these straws because they seriously go with everything. I’ve used them for our train party, superhero party, lego party as well as for Christmas and Valentines things. I bought a whole bunch and have reordered and love them. Red and white go with everything! Here is the best deal for straws on Amazon (I am an Amazon girl, love me some Prime!)


Just a bunch of boys eating their pizza! Some kids eat so fast and some eat so slow. I’ve found this with every party I’ve done. Remember this and make sure you have something for kids to do who finish up fast (seriously it’s like some inhale it) Luckily the weather was nice so we just had them play outside.


Mario Party Desserts

Just had to show this again, it was so simple and easy to do. You can see more about where we got everything for it here (the printable banner is free!)


We do these parties every other year and then on the odd years we do fun cakes like this mario cake from the year before. I just can’t do a fun cake and party so we trade off. So on even years they get the decorations, friends, games but regular cupcakes. For this one I used my favorite cupcake recipe (don’t worry, it’s mostly from a box with a few other things added) and the free printable cupcake toppers. I normally frost cupcakes with my fun cupcake tips because they are so easy to use and make you look like a pro but I had some leftover fondant from a cake I did for someone and used the black fondant and stone texture plate I got from our Bowser Castle cake. It was actually really easy. Just put on some frosting then used my circle cutter.


Aren’t they cute? They were pretty yummy too.


Mario Party Goody Bags

We almost didn’t do any party favors but decided to because my son really wanted to. I looked around and found  these and traded with CMS Design Studio for  some jewelry from my own handmade business (I love trading with other creatives!) She still has them here and did an impeccable job with them!


Inside we wanted to do the bookmarks we found here (free printable) and we laminated them because I love to laminate things.


Then they got a couple of coins, a stick on mustache and a little party favor toy.  My son loved helping put them together and filling them. I try my best to have my boys help me with their parties and they do a pretty good job.




Hope you found some ideas for your Mario party food (keep it simple people!) Take a look at what we did for the rest of our Mario party!


Mario Party Decorations

Mario Party Food and Party Favors

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Mario Party Games

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  1. You did a great job! I love a good themed party 🙂

    • Oh me too! Now my boys have the party planning bug and starting planning their next birthday themes right away! I’m pretty sure we have another Harry Potter one coming up next year. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. What a cool idea! I love how simple, but amazing everything is. My little guy is a huge Super Mario fan and would love a birthday party like this!

    • Thank you! It was a really fun party, crazy but fun. I love doing parties for my guys and they even helped with a lot of things. Thank you so much for stopping by!

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