Super Mario Party Decorations

Cause you can’t have a Mario party without Mario party decorations! Ok, you totally could but I love the decorating. I love that you can totally transform a regular everyday room into something fun and I love seeing my boys faces. Usually we’ll do some decorating for a party the week leading up to it but then I leave a lot till the night before after they are asleep so it’s bigger surprise when they wake up or I might even convince grandma who lives by to take them until right before the party. It’s so fun and a lot of these Mario party decorations were pretty cheap and easy.

Indoor Mario Party Decorations

We didn’t do much party decorations indoors because we got lucky and the weather was actually nice here in Portland in May (it is usually rainy). We did setup this table where we put the banner, party favor boxes and cupcakes. Pretty simple.

The cloud backdrop – I actually bought this online from Hobby Lobby here when I was getting something else but it was a super good deal and on clearance so I figured why not.

The banner – I got all printed things (banner, bookmarks, cupcake toppers) FREE from Hale Grafx who has a ton of free printable parties and other goodies

The name balloons – I got them at a party store called Lippmans (they are the best ever!) but if you don’t have a big party supply shop locally I love me some Amazon! You can find them here in all the letters


On the table we had stacked up boxes which were party favor boxes from the talented Christina at CMS Design Studio. She does beautiful work and every piece was absolutely perfect!

We decorated the table with bricks which were actually just boxes wrapped in red (paper from the Dollar Tree) and the I just used a sharpie to freehand the bricks.

The Bowser figure as well as the others we had scattered about were leftover from the Mario Castle cake we had done for the birthday boy the year before.


These hats, I just had to get them. We used them for the obstacle course and each kid could be Mario or Luigi. Then that was part of our gift to the birthday boy. It worked out perfectly because Mario – Max and Luigi – Levi. You can’t plan that sort of thing people.


Mario Party Outdoor Decorations

The outside was where we were most of the time and it had a lot more decorations. There are a lot more than what I am showing right now because a lot of the decoration was actually part of the obstacle course which you can find more about here.

This sign from Hale Grafx, seriously, so much awesome FREE stuff!


One of my favorite things to use for cheap, outdoor decorations that have a huge impact is butcher paper from our local teacher supply shop. It is seriously dirt cheap and so you can use a lot of it. This was extremely easy to make and I just eyeballed the general shape as well as eyes and arms and made 4 of them to put on our big wall (our backyard has a sound barrier wall)


This little star man. Easy peasy. I got a dozen off Amazon here, though you can always use poster board from the dollar store. I just bought them because it was quick and cheap.


And butcher paper from the teacher supply store again for the win! These were the easiest thing to do. Seriously just big strips of paper.


And Bowsers Castle (find more about it and the obstacle course here, it was seriously so fun!) We got this cutout for a different party from a local party supply store but it’s actually cheaper on Amazon. We have used it for a number of parties since Mario Party, Harry Potter party and a Halloween party. I like it because you an use it for lots of different things and you might not be able to see it but it has rivets in it at two points so it can twist and get a lot smaller.


The kids loved the Mario Party decorations and they were fun to do. Take a look at the rest of the party here:

Mario Party Decorations

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  1. What wonderful ideas! Your son is so lucky to be able to celebrate his day with such a great environment! I love the boxes on the table (including the freehanded brick boxes–genius!). Thanks so much for sharing this with us on #SHINEbloghop. It’s been great to have you with us 🙂

  2. I never thought to go to the teacher supply store to get party supplies…brilliant! This looks like an awesome party. Super Mario was one of my fave games as a kid.

  3. How fun are those? I bet my son would love to have a Super Mario party!

  4. How cute!! We grew up playing Mario, so this takes me back. Definitely looks like the makings for a great party!

  5. This took me back to my Gameboy days!! I love the “Game Over” sign on the way out – too cute!

  6. This looks like a great party! An obstacle course seems like a perfect party activity for a Mario party.

  7. What a fun idea for a party. As a mom of a teen gamer I’m curious to know what theme party he would want. Hypothetically of course. Theme parties have been faux pas for a long time haha!

  8. This is super cute!! So creative and so much thought went into it! I bet any kid would have a blast at a party like this!

  9. What an amazing birthday party! Such a lucky kid!

  10. I love the details for the party. It’s perfect for a young boy!

  11. The party looks like it turned out super cute! I love the little question boxes and castle!

  12. These are so cute! I’d love them myself. Brings me back to my childhood.

  13. This a really fun idea for a party decoration. I’m not sure my kids will love it as much as me but I think is an amazing idea

  14. It’s funny but this would work for my uni age friends.

  15. This is such a cute party theme. I love the different boxes especially those party favor boxes.

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