Mario Castle Cake

A Mario castle cake. This was the request of my soon to be 5 year old for his birthday. So a Mario castle cake he will have.

In our family we do a big birthday party every other year. With friends, decorations, food. The works. It’s kind of big and crazy but I love planning, decorating and all that jazz so it works (NOTE: for all you moms who hate that sort of stuff, I hope you never feel like you have to do things like that. Parenting is too stressful as it is trying to worry about parties and cakes if you hate doing it. But for me, I like this sort of stuff, it’s fun and allows me to create.) So far for parties we’ve done a Lego party, a train party, a superhero party, a Wild Kratts party, a Harry Potter party and even a Mario party.  We do these on the odd years (1,3,5,7,9…)

On the EVEN years we go much simpler. No decorations, friends, games. Just their favorite dinner and a super fun cake. Because I like making cakes. To me it is like sculpting but you get to eat it. Again, I make them because I like to and my guys love them as well.


First off I watched this video from one of favorite people, Rosanna Pansino who I’ve been following for a while now. I love everything she makes!

Since I knew I was going to be doing a castle cake I began collecting the things I would need ahead of time. So numerous quick trips to Micahels (I live close to one) along with their 40% off coupons I got everything at a great price.

Things you’ll need


Alternatives. I’ve made fondant before and it’s not too bad or hard. I just knew I needed black and I’ve never been able to make a good black one. Also I was in a huge hurry. For the pans I’ve found you can find tons of almost new/used pans at Goodwill. Mario-Bowser-castle-cake-1

It was a messy process and I wish I had taken more pictures of it but it was super late, kids and husband were in bed and my hands were covered in frosting. That and I was watching Psych as I worked. Love that show.

First bake the cakes. I made double layers on the top and bottom tier in the video she only does one. After each tier is covered in fondant I stacked them. I used bamboo skewers to hold up the second tier (you stick skewers or straws through the first layer underneath the second layer to help support it). I probably should have added a couple more to hold it up a little better though!

We mixed up the fondant. Ok, my husband did and then went to bed while I finished the rest. We used a little bit of what we had from a cake I had done for my sister earlier which was a little purple but with some black and white added it made a nice stony grey color.


After the two layers were made and covered, it was time for turrets. For the base I used paper towel rolls and then the ice cream cones for the top. All covered in fondant. The cones were just large strips of black fondant while I used the stone texture plate to cover the paper towel roll. They looked awesome and probably took the most time out of everything.


Mario-Bowser-castle-cake-4After adding them to the cake I began to add details. Wood doors and windows, candy stones for a path, piped in red frosting for flames and green for some plants and then the action figures which were the funnest. Watch out Princess Peach!

Mario-bowser-castle-cake-featured-imageWhen I finished it I set it out on the table for him to see first thing in the morning and he freaked out he loved it so much. It was a shame we had to eat it. Not really. It was delicious and plus, bonus toys. The Mario castle cake was a success!



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Mario Castle Cake

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