Super Mario Birthday Party

Ever since his last birthday Mr. Max knew he wanted to have a Super Mario birthday party. I’m not exactly sure why because he hasn’t really played much Mario but he loves it for some reason. So we looked around and brainstormed lots of fun ideas about what do do for it. So during this week I’ll share more details of what we did for his Mario birthday party. Super Mario Brothers Party 2

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Why hello there Bowser.

Nintendo-mario-birthday-party-decorationsAlso for more Mario party goodness, check out the Mario Bowser Castle cake we did for our Mario lover the year before!


A note about parties. I try to write this disclaimer as much as possible because I know mom life and it ain’t easy no matter what you do. So for anyone who sees a party with tons of decorations, games and just wants to jam a fork in their eye, I get it. I actually am like that a lot of times. That is why we only do big parties like this on even birthday years, because I need a break! I still sometimes see a big, fancy, perfectly curated ‘pinterest party’ and think to myself how crazy that is. Yet I still have them. Sort of. First I must say I LIKE to do it. I like the planning, the crafting, the dreaming and scheming with my boys but I know many moms out there who HATE this sort of stuff. To them I say don’t try and force yourself to do something you hate. Find a different way to make birthdays special or do what works for you and your family.

I do try my best as well to keep things as simple as I can. At least for me cause trust me, I could go way crazier. I trade jewelry from my website for a number of handmade thingsĀ  so that takes off some pressure, I love doing printable parties, using things from the dollar store, repurposing things. This all makes it a little simpler but still fun.

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