Lolly Pop Tree

I made this for my “She’s Just About to Pop” girls baby shower, and everyone loved it! It was really really easy and was not only a decoration, but part of the treats everyone got to take home! Mmmmm. Makes me wish we had one just for my house (my boys would LOVE that!)

I got a flower pot at the craft store, they were on sale for $1.50 or so. But I’ve seen great stuff at the dollar store or you can use whatever container you can find. Just remember it has to hold a lot of weight.

Also you’ll need a dowel. I got mine at home depot. Make sure it is thick enough so it can support the weight of the lolly pops, because it’s actually heavier than you think.

You’ll need styrafoam. A ball for the top and a square/rectangle piece to support the bottom.

Don’t forget the lolly pops! I got a box of 144 dumdums and it fit on one perfectly.

The moss is to cover the styrafoam, but you could make anything work! Tissue paper, material…I personally bought mine from a craft store because I was there but my husband told me how silly I was and could have just got and dried moss from the backyard (we have an abundance of that stuff. Thank you Oregon weather!)

To cover the dowel I used a scrap piece of fabric. You could paint it too.

Take the styrafoam piece and use a knife to shape it to fit inside the pot. You probably don’t have to have an exact fit but the tighter it is, the better it will support the weight.

Take the dowel (cut to whatever height you’d like the tree to be) and wrap your scrap strip of fabric around it making sure you glue the ends. Put the dowel in the pot and on the other end attach the styrafoam ball.
Now go crazy putting on all those lolly pops!

As I thought about it afterwards I thought if you didn’t want to use quite so many lolly pops you could use squares of tissue paper or fabric as filler by taking a pencil in the center of paper/fabric and stabbing it into the styrafoam (a technique I believe I learned in the third grade making tissue paper wreaths!)

Mmmmm! This is sure to be a POPular for people of all ages!


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  1. I really like your lollipop tree! the whole 'just about to pop' theme was fun too – great job – I bet your friend loved it!

  2. I love all of your creations!

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