Super Hero Fathers Day Gift Idea

I know, I know. I really should be studying. And trust me I am like a mad woman. Though I haven’t done much cooking, cleaning, playing with kids or laundry in the past week, I have learned how to calculate covariance, correlation coefficient and now know the importance of Central Limit Therom. Interesting right? Yeah, I could care less about it all but I MUST graduate!

I haven’t put EVERYTHING on pause for statistics, just most of it. I actually just went out and got supplies for a fathers day gift and I really, really wanted to share it with the world because it works not only for fathers day but for men’s birthdays (they are notoriously hard to shop for) or for kids birthdays, whatever!

Here goes: A Superhero Supply Kit complete with FREE printables. That’s right. Free.

Super Hero Fathers Day Gift Idea 3
Jordan Ferney over at Oh Happy Day! has the most amazing blog ever! It’s beautiful and I look forward to every post because I know I’ll find something inspiring.

Super Hero Fathers Day Gift Idea 1
I got yogurt covered raisins, root beer, jerkey, a new chex mix, lemon drops, mints and . I’m so excited to put it all together.

For the wrapping/bags it was a little harder to find, they just didn’t have exactly what I was looking for at the craft store. But I bet you could even use ziplock bags for it. Had I found this idea earlier I would have bought the stuff online. I might still for gifts or christmas presents.

Super Hero Fathers Day Gift Idea 2
Also I didn’t buy any fancy special box I am just planning on using a plain shipping box we have. I’m SOOOO excited. My husband is going to love it!

Ok. I’m back to the books. Midterm next week……


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  1. What a great Father's day gift! I also love your blog and look forward to reading lots more! Best of luck with your statistics class:)

  2. New to your blog, from Life in the Pitts…I love your jewelry, and just had to say hi! That chocolate bar thing is hilarious…so creative 🙂

  3. you have an award from arts crafts n hobbies

  4. new to your blog – found u via SITS via Life in the Pitts 🙂 and would LOVE to have you follow me at – what a great father's day gift!

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