Harry Potter Wand Tutorial – How to Make a Simple Wizards Wand

What is a Harry Potter party without a trip to Ollivander’s for some wands? We knew we wanted each kid to have their own Harry Potter wand and since anything official was a little spendy we made our own DIY wand for each ‘student’.



  • Glue gun and lots of glue sticks
  • Chopsticks (I got mine which were very inexpensive similar to these though. I also just found these that are twisted at the end. Extra cool! They would only need some paint or very little done to them. )
  • Beads or other small objects. Since I make jewelry I have a huge hoard of extra beads and charms I’ve collected over the years.
  • Craft paint. I used mostly browns, gold and silver with a couple other thrown in from what I had on hand.
  • For the tags I used this paper punch¬†though it’s a different color but it’s the same shape
  • For the whole party I bought a ream of paper that looked like parchment that I used for everything (invites, signs, decorations…) and still have tons left for other projects
  • Gold bakers twine was used to attach the tags to the wand. I have a huge roll I use for packaging up my jewelry so I used some of that!Click to get your free printable Harry Potter wand tags


Click here to get your own Harry Potter wand tags (printable)


How To Make a Harry Potter Wand:

This part is pretty easy. To make your own Harry Potter wand you basically have some sort of base, like these chop sticks and just start gluing stuff. It is pretty fun and lets you get really creative if you’re doing different ones, which we did.


Once they have their glue and stones you get to paint them! I had my boys help and they were especially excited to pick out their own wand (I did all the gluing though) and helped paint. I did what they didn’t finish and actually had a lot of fun painting them all. It took a while and a couple rounds of it to let them dry but they looked awesome by the end.


After they were painted I spray painted a layer of clear gloss on to our Harry Potter wands just to keep the paint on a little better.

I saw ideas for having their own wand boxes but that seemed like too much work so I made these up instead getting the ideas of the different names of wands from a couple different Harry Potter fan sites. Then some gold twine I had on hand to attach it and my punch and we were good to go!


Click here to get your own Harry Potter wand tags (printable)


I’ve made up a file so you can print however many copies you’d like on whatever paper works best for you!¬†



Once we everything was all put together we laid them all out and put a couple simple Ollivander signs up and let them choose their own to take home. They were a hit and everyone was so excited to get their own Harry Potter Wand!


PS Isn’t Hedwig adorable?




Click here to get your own Harry Potter wand tags (printable)


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