Harry Potter Spell Book Tutorial

I have been wanting to make these spell books for YEARS. I don’t know why. I just love Halloween and I always wanted to have some decorative spooky books so with our Harry Potter party I finally took my chance.


One thing I knew I wanted was for these to be functional as well as decorative because they are eventually going to be going in the older boys room which they decided they wanted to be decorated with a Harry Potter theme. We can definitely do that. So I was thinking I wanted the books to open so that each boy could have a book to use and hold some of their treasures. It will all be up on a shelf as decoration but also if they have something they want to hide they can keep it there.



  • Kraft Book. I got ours at Michaels (a craft store) and with a coupon to boot. You can make your own though or use a wooden box or even just use an old book. (If anyone finds a good online location for them let me know! I looked and looked online but ended getting lucky at the local craft store)
  • Glue gun and glue sticks. I love my glue gun!
  • Paint
  • Clear spray paint


Spell Book Tutorial

First I did a sketch of what I wanted. Don’t judge me! I know I’m not a great artist but I did my best and I like how it turned out which is all that matters. Harry-Potter-Spell-books-tutorial

After you get your sketch laid out get that glue gun out and start gluing. It’s not going to be perfect or pretty but it’s supposed to be an old spell book so I think you’re good.



After it’s all glued up pull out your paints and paint away. I did a solid base color for each, then used a natural sponge for texture. You can also use something like tissue paper or a paper towel to give it a similar texture. After that’s dry just start going over details with a fine brush, do as little or as much as you’d like.


Once all the paint is dry and your spell books are how you like them spray on a clear coat of spray paint. I am debating the decision to use a gloss or a matte (I used gloss) but now thinking about it a matte finish might have looked more realistic. I’ll have to try one with matte to see. Let me know if anyone else tries it!









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