Harry Potter Party Decorations

I can’t even explain how excited just thinking about all these fun Harry Potter party decorations made me. We are such nerds! Leading to the party we all re read the books except the 1st grader who listened to them up to the 3rd book.


Harry Potter Party Decorations


All the outside stuff was borrowed from a friend of a friend who had a party and still had all her stuff. It was nice to not have to make them and work on other fun things!

My husband set this sheet up using some tricky engineering with rope and bamboo. He’s clever like that.  This is a borrowed piece but  I found a tutorial for it here . (she also has great HP ideas!) From the couple of different ones I’ve seen it’s a sheet/fabric then rectangular sponges. Pretty easy!


This Platform 9 3/4 sign we borrowed so I didn’t end up making it but you can find a tutorial for it here. I do have plans on making one for myself but just not this time around. Yes, we have every intention of having another HP party in the future. Our 6 year old has already requested it for HIS 8th birthday party.


And it’s the whole gang! Yet another thing we borrowed. I don’t know how they did it, it looked like it was on very thick foam boards with the pictures of the heads printed and cut out with the bodies and robes painted on. The kids loved it! We didn’t have it out for a long time because it was an extremely windy day and they kept falling.


Also notice those spiders? They’re leading inside. “Follow the spiders” I made these years ago as part of our Halloween decorations. Just take little spiders that you can get just about anywhere and glue some magnets to them. Kids love em.


And just as you walk in, scarfs. We decided to go with Griffendor for everyone because as I got to thinking about the idea of using a sorting hat and splitting into groups I thought about the kids who would be put in Slytherin. Who wants to be in Slytherin? Birthday boy agreed so Griffendor scarves for all!


Right as you walk in (it is a split level) this sign on the stairs.


All those little spiders led to  a whole spiders nest and  Aragog. These were also Halloween decorations and we put them all along the railing and some parts of the walls along with some webs. When the kids entered I wanted it to be first like Hogworts Express then coming to the forbidden forest with the spiders and……


Devils snare! Don’t get caught.   (Also notice that picture of my youngest on the wall? It is the same picture I used in my 10 Baby Products I Wish I Had Bought with My First Baby, it’s one of my favorite pictures of all times!)



Then you walk in where Hediwig is there to greet you and welcome everyone to Ollivanders to pick a wand. You can find the tutorial on how to make wands here. And the table cloth I have used many times for many events and the candles and gargoyle are part of my Halloween decorations. The candlestick holder was actually an inexpensive brass one I found for a couple dollars at goodwill and painted black years ago. And Mr. Gargoyle I got on clearance at target after Halloween was over a while ago as well.



Flying Hogworts letters! They were pretty easy to make. I used these envelopes and then to make them look more like Harry’s actual ones cut them on each sides. I didn’t have enough wax at the time to do a seal, though I did use the hogworts seal for the invitations. I found the standard envelope size less expensive per envelope and they were the same ones I used to send out the invitations as well. You can buy them in smaller quantities but I knew I wanted a lot of envelopes for this as well as the invites and that we would be using them again for other parties. To make them is pretty simple. Print out the envelopes, reglue the sides. Before you glue the flap take varying pieces of clear fishing line and then glue it down.


Banners These are probably my favorite decorations ever. I knew I wanted some banners for each of the houses and I looked around for different tutorials but didn’t come up with any that I liked and then I found these. I actually ended up trading some of my Etsy jewelry for them. She actually has a bunch ready to go in various sizes!

Hanging candles. I had seen different ways to make them but I found some fake candles that were relatively inexpensive so I just went with those. They have a plastic cover over the flame which was pretty much hallow so we used a very fine drill bit at the top point so that clear fishing line could be threaded through it. Here is a great tutorial to make your own.


And in the corner Dobby. He was another thing we borrowed. I could never paint anything close to that good!  Also see Scabbers? He was part of our Halloween decorations that we always use.


Enter into the dining area and there is so much going on. I seriously love everything.

The mirror. This mirror is actually a mirror I always have there. I got it from a great aunt years ago and painted the frame black. Then I just used some lipstick to write it. It’s not pretty but I don’t think it’s supposed to be!


Flying keys. I used these butterflies then just glued them to the keys (I got both the keys and butterflies from a wholesale supplier I work with for my jewelry business). I’ve seen people use different things for the wings, pieces of white tulle, small feathers. For the keys I found some similar to what I got here. Basically just look for the largest brass keys you can find. Then you just tie them to clear fishing string and use clear push pins to attach them to the ceiling and you’re ready to go.


Underneath the the flying keys was a table filled with Harry Potter decor. The lion came from goodwill for a dollar (my son insisted cause Griffindor). We spray painted it gold. The mandrake I traded Neather World Oddities for and love so much. She also has Skele-gro which is on my list. The hat was a couple of dollars because it didn’t stand up right so we fixed that. The sword of Griffendor was an old plastic one we’ve had for years. We spray painted it silver because it was worn and had gone through many battles. Added some red paint for the rubies. A little dragon because my son insisted.  Candlesticks found at garage sales and we just kept them as is.



I found the dragon mirror and it just reminded me of the Mirror of Erised so I got it. It doesn’t look like the one in the movie but with a dragon we just had to have it. The quote I plan on having in the boys room after we redecorate (prepare it’s going to have a Harry Potter theme). It came from Cait Create on etsy and I loved how it turned out.


Also in the dining room is a fish tank. I was not sure what I wanted to do. Part of me wanted to use the brick wall to cover it up or hide it then I had the idea to just put these signs. Brilliant.


Next to the fish tank is our piano which I decided to cover up using a large piece of black fabric I found at goodwill. So much awesomeness going on here!

Banner – I no joke made this up 2 hours before the party. I realized I didn’t have some sort of birthday banner and printed it out in cardstock using the Magic School One font. Then I cut them out, did some light brushing of black paint along the edges, folded a little flap on the top to hang the ribbon and tape it down. It was actually pretty easy and fast to make.

Letters for Name – These letters are individually cut and can be put on the wall. I got them from Ally’s Custom Art, who does an amazing job, go take a peek at their stuff! I decided I would put them on a canvas I had painted black. They will soon go on the boys room for decoration.

Candles – .50 each at a garage sale. I bought them all.

Embroidery Hoop – came from The Phantom Moon who has a couple new HP themed ones I’m in love with!

Dragons Eggs I made these myself, you can find the tutorial here. The pot was a garage sale find.

Spell Books

Monster Book of Monsters

All of the other stuff is what I already had among my Halloween stuff and regular decor.





I got all the printables from a seller on Etsy here. They also have tons of other things you can use for a Harry Potter party decorations as well. You can buy wands, potion bottle labels, banners. Lots of stuff.


To set it up I actually was in the process of getting this desk set up for my kids to do computer homework at so it made a perfect spot. All of the clear jars I either had or bought at garage sales or goodwill. Most cost $1-2


I did make the chocolate frogs myself and I was a little nervous because I made them caramel filled but this time they turned out really good!

I don’t have  a separate tutorial on how to make them because I just ran out of time but it was similar to this one. I would use a small, new paint brush to make sure the chocolate gets on the sides so carmel won’t leak out.

Supplies I used:

  • Frog mold
  • Candy melts chocolate like these but I got mine in a bigger bag at the craft store with a coupon
  • Carmel, I just got the squares from the stores and melted them down
  • gold chocolate foil

The quick jist of it is you melt the chocolate (I use a plastic bottle like this and melt slowly in a pot of hot water on the stove). Then squeeze some chocolate in the mold and use your new small paint brush to pull the chocolate up covering all the sides. Put it in the freezer for a minute or two until it’s hardened. Then you put in your carmel leaving a little room at the top. Right after that you can put your next layer of chocolate (this will be the bottom of the frog). Put in the fridge/freezer until the chocolate has hardened. Pop them out and cover them with the foil. I’ve found if you do it exactly right the foil is just the right size for the frogs.



Enter into the kitchen where we served the food.


I made this sign using my parchment paper and a Lumos font.


The Three Broomsticks

I love this! It took me a little bit to figure out what I was going for Harry Potter party decorations in the kitchen and food but it was pretty easy to figure out once I decided on the Three Broomsticks.

  • The backdrop
  • The Three Broom Sticks sign
  • The cauldrons – $1 each. I wanted to paint them to make them not look so plastic-y but didn’t get to it. Another time!
  • The broomsticks – $2 each but had a cheesy ribbon. I tied some black tulle I had and then tied them up together.
  • The mugs – it took me a while to collect these and they were $1 or less each. Not a complete set but various shapes and designs. The kids loved getting their rootbeer floats in them and we are totally going to use them again, which is why I got them rather than used plastic cups which I had thought about then putting a 3 broomsticks decal on. So many choices.


















Note about all the paper signs and such.

All signs were made from a ream of parchment like paper I got or using these envelopes. Then I just used some Harry Potter esque fonts like Lumos, Magic School, Witches Magic, and Wizards Magic.

Overall it is pretty easy to add fonts to your computer then you can kind of do whatever you’d like. Printing on the parchment paper makes it look so real!



I hope you enjoyed all these Harry Potter party decorations, please share with us any ideas we should do for next time!



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