Harry Potter Dragon Eggs Tutorial

These dragon eggs are extremely easy to make and were probably the easiest thing I made for our Harry Potter party. Originally I wanted to do a large egg like they had in the 4th book (It’s the clue for the second task. I know, I know, I’m a total nerd) and I would have but I couldn’t find a larger egg to make it work. I could have bought one but it was crazy expensive so I’ll just have to keep a look out during Easter!







How to make your own dragon eggs

  • First you need to glue the halves together so they won’t come apart after they’re all decorated
  • Then file down the line to make it less noticeable. Looking back I should have done it just a little more but ah well.
  • Now get creative with the glue gun. Swirls, lines, wavy lines, scallops…..
  • Paint away! Use whatever colors you want. I mostly used browns, greens, gold, silver, black.
  • Once the colored paint is dry spray paint a layer of clear paint to seal it all in and give your dragon eggs glossy shine



I found a fun gold pot probably for plants at a garage sale then filled it with some black tissue paper I had on hand so you could see the eggs popping out. I thought about painting it but I decided I really liked the worn out look, perfect for a Harry Potter party!

Bellezamia-Banners-OMSOTR (12)

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