Handmade is Better On Going Sales Link List

When I started my handmade business I had no idea what I was doing. I actually didn’t really think it was a business at first, mostly it was just a hobby that paid for itself. Then things just sort of snowballed from there. Ok, not exactly snowballed but after a TON of work and late nights it started to pay off and turn into a real business.
Because of this, along with my love of making things I have always loved to help people as they started their business because honestly, I wish I had had someone when I first started! So because of this I started @handmadeisbetter on Instagram where I feature some of my favorite makers.




This is a link list for all those wonderful handmade shops out there to share some of the sales they have going on. It’s a win win! Advertising for small business owners and great deals on wonderful items.


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