Halloween Treats

This year I made Halloween treat plates. Partially because I just was itching to try some new treats and partially because I don’t know if I will be doing one for Christmas this year. It sure is going to be a busy holiday season. I am doing a number of holiday bazaars and craft shows and I’m so excited. A little nervous but excited.

So I decided to go all out on my Halloween treats this year and it was so much fun! The kids loved it.

Halloween Treats 1
One of the treats I made was ‘mummy cookies’. Super easy and really cute (you can see them on the left side of the plate).

I started by first melting some chocolate.

Halloween Treats 2
Then grabbed some Nutter Butters (we love them ’round here)

Halloween Treats 3

Halloween Treats 4
Oh, and you’ll need to make some eyes. I just used a condiment bottle to make them, like I did here.

Halloween Treats 5
Let the cookies cool.

Halloween Treats 6
Now use a little bit of melted chocolate to attach the eyes. This one looks a little cross eyed.

Halloween Treats 7
Then using the condiment bottle drizzle lines of white chocolate.

Halloween Treats 8
Isn’t he cute? And oh, so delicious.

Halloween Treats 9
Then I used up those chocolate skeleton bones I made. Told you I would!

The base is a rectangle brownie with frosting and crumbled up brownies on top. I should have used chocolate frosting to make it look a little more life like. But I used what I had on hand.

Halloween Treats 10
I also added some fun hershey nuggets with fun Halloween labeles, and the label on the plate was a fun personal touch. I am totally using them again.

Halloween Treats 1
Happy Halloween!


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  1. SOOOO cute! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love this idea!! So fun!

  3. Seriously so cute. I love the idea of doing a Halloween treat plate instead of Christmas… SMART. I've totally given up all thoughts of doing anything in December this year (since I'm due the 7th)… fingers crossed I get my gifts made before then! But this would have been smart of me. Too bad it's not going to happen this oh-so-busy week of Halloween! OH well.

  4. yummy thanks for letting me eat them

  5. how cool! and those nutter butter cookies look yummy! hmm, it's not too late to start baking, right? i think there's a shopping trip in my future. 🙂

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