Golden Birthday Gift Basket

Today is my husband’s golden birthday, he is turning 27 on the 27th. Birthdays are pretty low key around here, we always celebrate but usually with dinner out, a cake, and a few presents. I wanted to do something fun for my husband because the golden birthday seemed special but he said he didn’t want a party or anything big. So keeping with our simple theme I made him a basket of golden things. (Ignore my ugly carpet in the picture)


It’s pretty easy to customize it to anybody’s favorite treats. In fact a couple bags of Cadbury Eggs are hidden beneath the gold treats because they are my husband’s favorite and I couldn’t leave them out. In case you want to know here is a run down of what’s in it.
Guillotine we played this card game a few weeks ago and when I realized it came in a gold box I realized it was perfect to add. The game sounds a little irreverent because it’s collecting nobles that are in line for the guillotine but you really can just be collecting nobles and not dwell on the other part. Another fun game that comes in a gold-ish box is Bang! We just happened to have that on already.
– Vanilla Cream Soda, I got it at Fred Meyers, but anywhere you can buy fancy soda should have something gold.
– Toblerone
– Ferrero Rocher
– Rolo
– Twix
– Turtles
– Chocolate Coins
– Haribo Gummy Bears
– Almond Kisses
– Lindor Truffles (from Winco bulk section)
– Snickers (Winco)
– Reese’s Cups (Winco)
It’s a lot of treats and that’s what my husband likes but you could easily add journals or movies or anything else gold you can find.
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