Vinyl Wall Decor for the Master Bedroom

I’ve never had a decorated room of my own. Now, when I was a kid we always got to choose the color paint and do what we wanted with it but as an adult? Never. While I was collage student I was always too busy and poor to do much decorating. Also to tell the truth I didn’t care much. It was a lot to invest when I knew we would be moving soon anyways. But now that we are in a more permanent place (kind of) I wanted to have a nice, decorated, adult room. It might be a little materialistic of me but it’s just something I’ve always wanted. A sleigh bed, nice furniture, cute decorations. The works.

So I’m not completely done with redoing my bedroom but it’s a good half the way done. Wall paper removed, repainted, new furniture, and half decorated. I still need to figure out what I’m going to do for bedding (any suggestions? I’m thinking simple, maybe yellow because it’s my accent color or black and white??? Definitely something quilted though), pillows and I want to recover the bench we have at the end of the bed. It’s a tan color and I want something different. Also I NEED more closet space so some organizing needs to happen there.

Vinyl Wall Decor for the Master Bedroom 1
So here it is, my giant tree. I have never spent so much on one item that was purely decorative in my life. But I have been lusting after a huge vinyl tree for almost a year and saved up. Me and my husband even agreed on one we both liked. I LOVE it! It brings the outdoors in and every time I look at it I smile.

Vinyl Wall Decor for the Master Bedroom 2
I had to have some birds too. There are four total, like the members in our family. According to my son the one on the dresser is my husband, I am on the branch, my youngest son is in the middle of the tree and my oldest is on my nightstand there to greet me every morning.

Vinyl Wall Decor for the Master Bedroom 3
And I love my nightstand with my lamp, fun frames I found and painted from thrift stores and one of the first pictures of me and the hubster.

I don’t like the big bulky alarm clock and need to get something just a little cuter but it’s necessary I suppose and works for now. Oh, like the quote? I got it from a cute store on etsy. It’s from Mr. Darcy’s proposal scene in Pride and Prejudice.

Vinyl Wall Decor for the Master Bedroom 4
So that’s my room, at least part of it. And like all things in my house, a work in progress. While it might be a little materialistic of me, the changes have really made a difference in how I feel when I see it nice, clean and pretty. It makes me smile, it makes me want to play on the bed with my kids, and even makes me not completely loathe folding laundry on it. Most of all it’s nice having a room to call my own.



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  1. WOW Kendra! It looks sooooo good! I'm sure it was a lot of work putting up something so elaborate but it definitely paid off. Nice work! 🙂

  2. I love this!

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