Fourth of July Luminaries

For some reason I was itching to do a Fourth of July craft. I thought about it and thought about it. and here’s what I came up with Fourth of July Luminaries. I’m so smittin’ with these!

Tin cans
Hammer and nail

Take off the label and clean

Fourth of July Luminaries 1
Now begin putting on your dot design with a Sharpie. You’ll want to do it now because it will be harder after you freeze it. Yes, your going to freeze it.

Fill each can up to the top leaving 1/2 in because it will expand.

Fourth of July Luminaries 2
Freeze. This will take a good several hours but to speed it up you can fill the cans with ice and then with water, that will cut the freezing time in half.

Now grab your hammer and nail and begin nailing away! You’ll want your gloves for this or you’re going to have some cold hands. Be sure to place the nail carefully because it will slip around.

Fourth of July Luminaries 3
After nailing and the ice is out, spray paint it. I was going to do red, white and blue but just decided white. I might change my mind.

Fourth of July Luminaries 4
Put a candle in and your ready to go!

Fourth of July Luminaries 5
This is a great technique you can use for weddings, birthdays, or just for fun!



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  1. Those turned out great!! I love tin can luminaries!!

  2. Hey Kendra those look cool!
    You should enter them into firefliesandjellybeans' iron crafter challenge:

  3. I love your designs. So cute! Good luck!

  4. This is absolutely adorable and fantastic! Actually, it is great to see people having fun with crafts and conserving resources at the same time! I would also love to make some and add it as my girl's room decoration. 🙂

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