Flower Magnets and Memo Board

In my craft room (well, my half craft room) I knew I wanted to put more on the wall to keep it off my desk and I knew I wanted some sort of memo board to put little notes to myself. Those who know me best know that I am hopelessly forgetful. It’s awful. So I have to write everything down. Here’s what I came up with.

Flower Magnets and Memo Board 1
I had all the materials for this around my house. I sure do love when I do projects where I don’t have to get anything special!

These flowers I saw somewhere online and I don’t remember where, it was a quick glace. So if it was you, let me know and I’ll give credit where credit is due.

To make the flower I took a 6×6 square of scrapbook paper (the double sided one makes them more interesting but single will do too) and cut it into a circle. It doesn’t have to be exact, in fact it looks more interesting when it isn’t. The one in the first couple pics are 3×3 flowers.

Flower Magnets and Memo Board 2
I then spiral cut the circle until I had a small bit in the middle. This will be the base.

Flower Magnets and Memo Board 3
After that, I cut ‘waves’ in the spiral on one edge. This will give the flower more texture. You don’t have to do this part but it will give it a different look.

Flower Magnets and Memo Board 4
Then, beginning at the far outside of the spiral I began to roll it tightly. Keep rolling until you get to the center and remember to keep it tight!

After rolling it, let it go! Get it arranged and looking how you like it because then it’s time to glue.

Put a big glob of glue on the bottom circle. I used a lot to make sure it stuck well, you just don’t want it to spill out. Then let it get good and dry.

Flower Magnets and Memo Board 5
Last step: glue your magnet on. I had a super strong magnet so I used my E-6000, it works really well on most surfaces.

Flower Magnets and Memo Board 6
When I first made these I wasn’t sure if it was going to hold and if the paper would tear but so far it’s worked out just fine. I used extra thick paper and I think that helped. Also if your worried about it you can use a weaker magnet. The one I have is SUPER strong and would have gone with a weaker one but that’s what I had on hand!

Flower Magnets and Memo Board 7
This last picture is a 6×6 flower. I made some 6×6 some 4×4 and some 3×3 to make a fabulous arrangement!

Flower Magnets and Memo Board 8
The board was very simple. I covered a 12×8 piece of sheet metal with scrapbook paper.

Flower Magnets and Memo Board 9
Since it didn’t have hooks I had to figure out how to make it hang. So I took a smaller piece of heavy weight paper and punched two holes. I then took a piece of ribbon and tied knots through the holes. Then I glued the paper , knot side down to the back. Make sure it’s securely glued.

Flower Magnets and Memo Board 10
Then it’s time to decorate! I had a ton of rub ons that were desperately needed to be used and added some scalloped paper. All the flower magnets and ta da! I love looking at this every day. It makes me smile!

Flower Magnets and Memo Board 1


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  1. Those are gorgeous! Well done!!!

  2. Those paper rosettes are to die for! Terrific job!

  3. Squeal!!! I love it!

  4. what a cool idea, and they look so pretty!! thanks for sharing the how-to 🙂

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  6. absolutely delightful! so pretty and full of charm!

  7. Finally, a flower I can actually make that looks like the original! I made these with my 6th grade students during study hall using construction paper and they are GORGEOUS!!!! Thanks!!!

  8. Great idea! It looks so pretty! TFS!

  9. Oh that looks great! I have those flowers bookmarked since I thought they were so cute, I hadn't come up with a reason to make them yet though, I think this is perfect so I will now!

    Tried to find the bookmark for you, I have way to many and it must not be titled well.

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    FJ Donna

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