How to fix Jewelry: Open a Jump Ring

Unfortunate situations happen to our favorite pieces with time. We already have discussed How to Clean your tarnished Jewelry. But today continuing our topic of Jewelry 101 I will share the most useful trick you would need to fix your jewelry.

Here’s a tutorial on how to open a jump ring. So instead of throwing it away, you can fix it yourself!


You will always want to open a jump ring sideways, not apart or it will lose it’s shape.

Use pliers (and for me I use my thumb to keep it in place) to open it just enough to attach it to whatever you’d like.

Slip whatever you’d like onto the jump ring.

Gently close it making sure it’s a tight fit and no space is left in between ends.

Check out this tutorial:

This is a great trick to learn as it can be used multiple ways. You can fix necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Jump rings are widely used in all kinds of jewelry.

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