Easy Harry Potter Scarf Tutorial

What is a Harry Potter party without scarves? So hopefully this Harry Potter scarf tutorial will help any of those Potterheads out there! We decided to go with all Griffendor because honestly, who wants anything else?


NOTE. All of these numbers can be played around with to make the amount you’d like. Also I did these super fast so the cutting as well as sewing was not perfect by any means. Crooked lines galore. But fleece is pretty forgiving and these were for kids who would not care a bit so my hands were flying as fast as they could to get them done. Don’t stress about every cut and seam, just have fun!


These were actually pretty easy to make. Cut. Sew. Cut. Cut. Done. It just took a while because we made a ton of these Harry Potter scarves.



Fleece in the colors of your choice. My son decided he wanted to do Gryffindor colors so we went with red fleece and yellow fleece.

I got 3.5  yards of each color and it made almost 20 scarves for the party guests as well as to send off to cousins who weren’t able to make it.



Fleece is typically 58″ wide so I cut each color into strips of 4.5″ across giving me 28 strips of each color

After all the pieces are cut I began to alternately sew them making four huge striped panels with 14 stripes each.

(Guess what I decided to watch while sewing? 🙂


Once the panels are sewn it is time to cut. They can really be how wide you’d like them. I ended up making 5 scarves from each panel by cutting them at around 11.5″ wide each. If you wanted thicker scarves you could do 4 scarves each panel cutting at around 14.5″ or you could go even thinner or thicker.

Once those are cut now all you have to do is take the insides facing each other and sew a seam but not sewing the last or the first stripe (this is where you will be cutting to make fringe and you don’t sew otherwise you’ll end up with one thick weird fringe).


Piles and piles of scarves. Good thing I had some movies to keep me busy, I hadn’t sewn that much in ages!


Once it’s sewn it’s time to cut the fringe which I kept about an inch apart, I eyeballed it to make it work. I found it easiest to cut before you turn them inside out because it lays flat.


Turn them inside out and you got yourself your own Harry Potter scarf! All the kids at the party absolutely loved them and even weeks later I’ve heard from parents saying that their kids still use and wear them. Yey! Doesn’t every kid need their own Harry Potter scarf?


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