Easter Egg Coupons

Easter egg coupons are something I’ve done with my boys the past few year. I think a big part of that is because honestly I’m a little candied and toyed out after all the holidays. First it starts with the Halloween sugar rush, then toys and sugar for Christmas. Then New Years parties, Valentines and by the time St. Patricks Day comes around I’m done. Done with toys all over the house and so much candy. And this is me. Mrs. Sweet Tooth herself so that has to be saying something


Another reason I wanted to do these Easter Egg coupons is to focus less on candy and toys and more on family and experience and this does exactly that. Plus almost everything is free or only a dollar or two and I’m all about that.

So here they are. First I start off with the printable I made up (you can find it at the bottom of this post free to download). I get them printed in color on a white cardstock.


Then I laminate them because I intend on using them multiple times after they’re turned in. I’ve done this with past coupons like for Christmas or I recently designed this tearaway one for Valentines Day. I’m in coupon mode!


Easter Coupon Button


Get them laminated, cut them out and bam you’re done! So these ones are a bit bigger than a standard easter egg, though they would fit inside a larger one. But you can also print two to one sheet and they would fit just fine.



I hope you and your kiddos have a lot of fun with these Easter egg coupons! Let me know if there are any coupons I should add for next time!

Oh and if you were wondering where I got my beloved laminator (I actually love laminating things) it is this one.

 Easter Coupon Button



Printable-Easter-Coupons cover
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