Printable Dragon Valentines

Dragon Valentines

Last year when we were getting ready for Valentine’s day I asked what kind of valentines my boys wanted and my oldest, Mr. lover of all things mythology related said he wanted dragon valentines. Which I couldn’t find so we made our own.


For these dragon Valentines we went with joke ones because who doesn’t love a good joke? You can get you free printable PDF of these 4 valentines to print from home! All you do is print on some white cardstock (I always keep a stash of white cardstock on hand for random projects!)



Then on the dragon Valentines, he wrote his name and theirs then taped a piece of candy over the joke’s answer so when it was taken off they could see the answer! My guy chose air heads because he loves all fruity candy.  Afterwards, we thought it would be cool to put chocolate gold coins or even a mini dragon they could keep. 


Hope you have fun making your own dragon Valentines!


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I’m thinking of adding some more jokes/pages because right now there are just the four. Here are some possible jokes to add!

Leave a comment if you’d like me to add on a couple more pages with some new jokes.


What do you get when a dragon sneezes? Out of the way.

What do you do with a green dragon? Wait until it ripens!

Why can’t dragons play ice hockey? If they breathe fire, the ice melts

Why did the dragon cross the road? Chickens weren’t invented yet!

What did the dragon say when it saw the armored knight? Oh no, not canned food again!

What do dragons call armored knights after they’re eaten? Bites in shining armor

What do dragons eat at the local restaurant? Waiters and waitresses.

Where do dragon slayers learn their trade? At knight school

What do you get when you cross a dragon and a snowman? Frost bite!

What did the dragon eat before going to bed? A mid-knight snack.

What steps would you take if you were being chased by a dragon? Big ones



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