April Fools for Kids – Doughnut Seeds

Several years back our uncle, aunt and cousin came over to bring our boys some magic doughnut seeds. I had never heard of doughnut seeds before and neither had my boys, we were all intrigued. So they gave us a packet and told us we needed to plant them on a really sunny day and they would sprout (they were fast acting seeds). So we did it and the day after planting, doughnuts!


They have given my sons doughnut seeds a couple of times since and my boys are still at that age where they love it and totally think it’s real, though my 8 year old had a couple of more questions than usual this year.  On a sunny day a few weeks ago they asked me when it was time to plant doughnut seeds and it got me thinking about it and how fun it would be to make up a little packet for our doughnut seeds this year. I had found a different one online but I kind of wanted to do something different so here is the one I came up with.


So you need is the printable I made up, it is a PDF and has four on each page.


Then all you need is:

Click here to get your doughnut seed box printable!



Then you need to cut the seed packages.


Fold on the dotted lines (ps that little word is supposed to say YUM and is revised in the one you’ll receive)


The only part you’ll need to glue is the side rectangle the one right next to the glue stick in this picture. The bottom and top can be folded in like a regular box.


Then you add your Cheerios.


Have your kids plant their seeds in a flat area of the yard or in a pot.


To have them ‘sprout’ and put the doughnuts in its place I recommend you do it RIGHT before the kids see it so maybe have one parent or some one distract them while the other puts out the doughnuts. One year we left those yummy doughnuts to wait a little too long and some ants got to a couple. They were just too good to resist.


Oh and when I did them I put the skewer in the ground first about an inch and a half in and then put on the doughnut. I just found it easier that way.


Mmmm. Home grown in from the garden doughnuts.


They get SO excited about the whole thing. Ahh to be 5. I’m excited for my 2 year old to see if for the first time this year! April-Fools-Day-For-Kids



Click here to get your doughnut seed box printable!


We’ve only done our doughnut seeds and made brown-E’s for dad one year. What are your fun April Fools traditions with kids?


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