D is for Dogs, doughnuts and Dinosaurs

For our ‘D’ day I had arranged with our cousin to drop off their dog PJ for the day. Not living in a house with animals (I don’t count fish) they were given instructions on what they needed to do to take care of him, when to feed him, to take him on a walk. They were pretty excited the entire day with our special guest. I think PJ liked it too.

We took him to the playground,

where he watched the boys fly on the swings like superheros. I think he was amused.

Also for D day we went to Krispie Kreams where they watched the doughnut machine for over a half hour. They sure love that thing. They call it a race. And to top off the day we read some books about dinosaurs, which is always a crowd pleaser.

Words of the day:
Dog, doll, dam, dot, dim, dull, dill, dollar, dip, dad, dime, do

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