Cute as Can be Baby Girl Shoes

These beauties were the next thing on my list of gifts to make for some of the babies girls. I’ve been drooling over tutorials for them for months.

Let me start of by saying shoes are TRICKY. It took a bit of practice to get them just right and and so they were easy for me to make. I started by making a relatively easy pair of kimono shoes. Here’s the pattern and tutorial.

Now these cute mary janes were a lot trickier. My first pair had to be completely scrapped because I did a lining (inside the white lining and red fabric) and it didn’t work, it was just too thick. So I would recommend using two regular cotton fabrics with nothing inside. But that’s just me. Here’s the tutorial which is excellent by the way, I highly recommend it.
These were my last pair I did and my absolute favorite of the three . Trust me, the pictures don’t do them justice. I mixed a couple of tutorials, using the pattern for the red mary jane pair but adding the ruffle like this one, but switching out fabric for some lace I had because only had a little bit of fabric.

All the shoes were completely adorable and I can’t wait to make some more of these for some other baby girls!


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  1. DANG KENDRA!!! Those are CUTE! And that last pair makes me swoon. Nice work! Goodness, can I start trying for a girl when I'm already pregnant? lol.

  2. Super cute!

  3. Adorable. I love baby shoes too. I made some a couple of years ago, but haven't since. You kind of make me want to try again.

  4. Those Kimono shoes are so cute & given that so many of my friends seem to be having babies or getting broody, I might have a fantastic excuse to try them out – also figure you could make them in bigger sizes as house slippers. x

  5. Those look familiar! We have loved all those shoes in our house! Especially the last pair. I don't think they are in good enough shape for a second time around if we have another girl! Thank you for making those for Abby.

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