Candy Molds, Take II

Several years back my sister and I decided to make chocolate candies and goodies for Christmas. They didn’t go so well. Neither of us had any idea what we were doing and I, like with most things, didn’t really follow directions and just tried to figure it out in my head. Since that time I have stayed away from the candy making department. Scardy cat, I know.

Then a couple weeks ago I saw the coolest chocolate mold at Jo- Ann Fabrics (you can also find them online). It was a skeleton and I seriously couldn’t help myself, I had to get it. I did a trial run right after I bought it and the first couple pieces were ok but the rest, not so much.

So on the second run I took things a little slower and they turned out great (I EVEN read some directions)! I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten over my fear.

I used the melty chocolate wafters bought in bulk at our local winco.

Candy Molds, Take II 1
Also this time I did two things differently: used a condiment bottle instead of a ziploc bag and heated through indirect heat instead of direct heat. Meaning I put the chocolate in the container, then the container in water. I had been putting it in the microwave for 10 seconds at a time which had worked at first but eventually burned it. I also did this on the stove top on low.

Candy Molds, Take II 2
The condiment bottle worked perfectly at pouring. On my first try I used a ziploc bag, because that’s what I had on hand and guess what? It burst open and it was just a big ol’ mess. This was much better, and they are really inexpensive.

Candy Molds, Take II 3
After filling the molds just give it a little tap to make it nice and smooth.

Candy Molds, Take II 4
Let it cool and harden. To speed that up I put it in the freezer for a little bit.

After it’s cooled turn it upside down and give it a little tap to help the pieces come out, like you would do for an ice cube tray. Don’t do the ‘twist’ method like a regular tray, it will break or crack the mold.

Candy Molds, Take II 5
It’s pretty easy, don’t know why it took me so long to figure out! I made a huge pile of bones, you’ll see why soon enough….

Candy Molds, Take II 6


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  1. Absolutelly great idea!!! Love it!

  2. SWEET! lol, quite literally 🙂

  3. Where did you find these candy molds?!

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