Buried Treasure and Summer Fun

I am always looking for different ‘adventures’ for me and my boys to go on. Especially around our house because, let’s face it, sometimes it can get pretty dull and routine.

This summer the ‘Man of the House’ made another, bigger sandbox that the boys have been playing in like crazy. They love it. So I decided I’d make it a little more exciting and put some ‘treasure’ in it for them to find. I figure they would love it because I had done something similar with buttons last year and seashells but they’ve since been claimed by our many little visitors.

I found half of these at a garage sale for $.50 and some more for $1 at Goodwill.
I threw scattered them in the two sandboxes,
kicked some sand around to ‘bury’ them,
and voila! Instant adventure. Levi then took the stash he had found, put it in his bag and re-buried it so his brother would find it. He’s such a kick in the pants.


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