Easy Bat Decor

I love decorating for the holidays but sometimes it can be 1.) expensive 2.)time consuming and 3.) take up a lot of space. So this year I’ve tried to find things that aren’t any of these three. One of them is making some paper bats. They are so simple and look really great, at least in my opinion.

Easy Bat Decor 1
All you need are some scissors, black paper and fishing line.

Just find a good design template or make your own. I found one here and made up a couple other ones in different sizes. Then pull out those scissors and start cutting! I folded mine in the middle so they would look like they were flying. Then on either end of the wings I punched a small hole and used it to tie up either end of a piece of fishing wire. Hang them up around your house and your done! This is something even little kids can help with.

Easy Bat Decor 2

The pictures aren’t the best but trust me, they look WAY better in person!


Bellezamia-Banners-OMSOTR (15)

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  1. How fun! Quite a statement for not much time and money — love that 🙂

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