April Fool’s Day with Young Kids

Growing up April Fool’s Day was one of my mom’s favorite holidays. One very memorable April 1st we woke up to no breakfast food in the kitchen. The milk, cereal, and fruit was all tried to the tree outside our house. My middle school sister was mortified she had to go out to get her breakfast, which made it all the more fun for the rest of us.

I feel like there is a small window when kids are going to love having silly pranks done. My daughter is old enough to get it and I feel like it’s time to whip out some tricks.
april fools day for kids
Doughnuts Seeds – Customize some seed packets (here is a printable one) to claim doughnut seeds. Fill the packet with cheerios. Make sure your kids plant them before April Fool’s. The morning of April Fool’s place some glazed doughnuts on skewers sticking out above the place they planted the seeds. Remember to be fast, one year we didn’t get out as early as we should have after they ‘sprouted’ and ants got to a couple. You can do this one indoors as well.
Colored Cereal – On Saint Patrick’s Day our milk was dyed green, my daughter thought this was hilarious, but instead of coloring the whole gallon of milk for this silly breakfast you put a couple drops of food dye in the cereal bowl, under the cereal, and then when your pour the milk the color will change.
Breakfast PrankThis one also involves cereal so I’m not sure which to do, but if you prepare a bowl of cereal the night before but put it directly into the freezer, let it freeze overnight. In the morning add a little more milk on the top in the morning and then serve it.
Food Mix Up – The night before mix up foods and their boxes: trade bags in the cereal boxes, granola bars for fruit snacks, and any other foods that your kids might get into during the day.
Eyes On You – Buy a package of sticky googly eyes ahead of time, sometimes you can find them at the dollar store but they are for sure at craft stores. Then go crazy putting eyes on things. Food in the fridge, soap, water bottles, kids love this because all of a sudden it seems like things have faces.
April Fool’s DinnerThere are tons of ideas out there for food that looks like it’s something else, but sometimes it’s as easy as having dinner for breakfast and breakfast for dinner.
A Prank For Dad – Let your kids get in on the fun by playing this silly prank on someone when they come in the house.
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