About Me

A Maker

A couple years ago around Christmas my 6 year old asked me what kind of toys I got from Santa when I was little. I thought hard and came up with nothing. I didn’t get toys. I got rubber stamps, craft kits, paint sets, beading looms, a sewing machine, a calligraphy set, yarn and crochet hooks. Everyone around me knew all I needed were some crafting supplies, a good book and I was one happy girl.

A collection of sewing items including: thread, thimbles, pins, buttons, bobbin, sewing machine feet and material on a turquoise background

I have always been into something creative. In elementary school, modge podge was my thing. In middle school, I fell in love with beading (the thread and needle kind). In high school, I loved to sew clothing and costumes. Instead of going out on Friday nights some friends of mine and I would have sewing parties and make skirts. We were cool like that. In college between studying and other activities, I knitted scarves. Super basic but it was very relaxing. After I was married, while still in college, I scrapbooked. Anyways. Long story short, these hands like to move and make stuff. I just can’t help it.


A Mama

I am the mom to three amazing boys, 10, 8 and almost 4. Honestly, I never thought I would have kids but thought I would get a masters degree or even a PHD. But I fell in love with an amazing man and we have our little men. I also never thought I would have all boys but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Our lives are full of Legos, superheroes, with a healthy dose of fart jokes mixed in. They drive me crazy some days but I wouldn’t have it any other way.



A Business Owner

My making tendencies eventually led me to sell my jewelry after kiddo #2 arrived. I never thought I’d sell anything but low and behold people liked what I made and it is now a full-time job keeping up with it. My handmade jewelry biz is called Belleza Mia Jewelry which means ‘my beauty’ in Spanish. I was a missionary in Bolivia for a year and a half and sometimes even years later still think in Spanish so when I was coming up with a name it stuck.

I make personalized keepsake jewelry which is something I love because it is something that means so much to people and are worn for years at a time to help them remember someone important in their lives.

Jewelry -collage

(you can also find me at Belleza Mia Jewelry)

A Teacher 

I have been selling handmade for almost 7 years and have been fairly successful at it, so much so that now I teach other makers how to turn their passion into profits. So when I’m not wrangling kids or making jewelry you can find me over at Handmade is Better teaching other moms like me how to sell their handmade pieces. I love doing it because this business has allowed me to work from home and have the flexibility to be around my kids and I love helping others do the same.


A Music Leader

My whole life I have loved music. While I was fairly shy when I was younger I am not as much anymore. Singing just makes me happy. In fact, I contemplated majoring in it but decided to study social work instead but minored in music.

Currently, I get to teach music to the kiddos at church and LOVE it. They are so enthusiastic and being able to teach them songs that they’ll carry with them the rest of their lives is one of my favorite things. It’s exhausting but I love it!



How did “On My Side of the Room” get its name?

After baby #2 I started this blog actually because I had made something, I can’t even recall what it was, and had so many people asking about it that I just decided to put it online so I didn’t have to tell them individually. Pure laziness. That and I wanted a place where I could put my favorite recipes and links so I wouldn’t forget.


The name On My Side of the Room came about because craft/work area had always been in a back bedroom split between my husband and myself. And this blog is all about what I do on my side of the room. (Note: Since the biz has grown and so have kids I’ve moved into my own separate office so it’s really more like “on my side of the house” and what I do in my little corner of the casa)


To me on my side of the room is a place to create, which is what I was born to do. Create in form of projects, create fun memories for me and my kids. Create a business and share how I did it with those who want to know.


On my side of the room, I dream and scheme about ways to decorate and improve my late grandmas 1970’s house we recently bought. On my side of the room, I plan menus, make kids chore charts, organize a master family schedule. On my side of the room, I plan fun birthday parties for my boys. On my side of the room, I dabble in photography. On my side of the room, I plan music lessons, design printables and make tutorials. On my side of the room, I am just me, doing what I do.



If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at kendrad.goodrich@gmail.com or use my contact form 

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