A Quilt in the Making

Anyone have a project they’ve been working on for years? Yeah, I have a couple of those. One of my first blog posts was about a quilting ‘block of the month’ class I was taking. That was last year. And guess what? I haven’t even laid a finger on it since the class ended about this time last year. How did that happen? Taking care of two little boys happened.

Well, I finally put all the pieces together! Now all it needs is the outer border, quilting it and edging.

A Quilt in the Making 1
I learned to make flowers, prairie points, trees, baskets, log cabins and a lot of other stuff.

A Quilt in the Making 2
One of my favorite things about the quilt is the fabric. It is country vintage with chicken wire, flowers, gingham and plaids in bright fun colors.

A Quilt in the Making 3
Though I got a lot done, I am pretty sure I won’t be getting any more work done on it until after the holidays. Until then it will sit in my closet, just hopefully not for another year!

A Quilt in the Making 4



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