9 Reasons Why Toddlers are Awesome – Things to Remember When You’re at the End of your Rope

It seems like in one instant my youngest went from infant to full blown toddler, there was no easing into it at all. It has been a few years since I had a toddler in the house and I’ll admit I forgot a lot of what toddlerhood entails.

Lately I have been finding myself more and more frustrated with the big messes he makes, how he wants to run off and do his own thing all the time and so much more. It has left me frustrated and feeling so unproductive in life.

As I was brooding over a very unproductive day where it felt like I had cleaned most of the day yet it somehow was messier at the end, I realized I had to think positively if I was going to survive this toddler. This toddler, who is into way more than his big brothers ever were (seriously, we’ve had to put locks where we’ve never needed to before with his bros). This toddler, who has no fear and loves to jump off things terrifying his poor mother. This toddler, who sees his much older brothers doing things and wants to do them too even though he’s a lot smaller and much less coordinated.

So as a survival mechanism I tried thinking positively and began listing in my head why toddlers are awesome, just so I can remember it all and look back to when he isn’t acting so awesome.

1.) They are interested in everything. Yes, this is double sided because they are interested in everything and want to explore it all which creates TONS of messes. Like everywhere. But being with a toddler can help you appreciate small things, like how amazing it is to watch a garbage truck collect trash or how fun it to just splash around in the sink water. Or how freaking cool it is to go down a slide even after you’ve gone 500 times. As Sid the Science Kid says they ‘want to know everything about everything’. One day many of them will stop all this and think they already know it all. Welcome to the teenage years!

Into every. single. thing.

2.) They can be easy to please. Yes many are picky about what exactly they want and it can be random and irrational but they are not yet demanding an ipad, a car or the latest and greatest in toys and electronics that  ALL their friends have because they are happy with a box. Know what I got my little guy for Christmas? Wooden spoons, a ball and some animal cookies. Boom, done. That’s it and he was happy as a clam. Want to cheer him up? Put on Sesame Street and give him some crackers. Give him a balloon. Grab his favorite stuffed animal and a favorite blankie.

Here his older brother threw down a balloon from the top railing. 
They did this for at least 20 minutes which had him giggling the whole time.

3.) They still need you and want to be around you. You are their whole life for the most part. While this can be hard because they do need and want you all the time, it is relatively short lived. It only lasts a couple years. A couple long years but it goes faster than you think. During this time  they still want to snuggle, hold hands and kiss you. Some times snuggling up in your neck is their favorite place to be.  Even with my older boys who are only 6 and almost 8 I’ve found there comes a time when they just don’t need or want your help on some things. The point of being a good mom is to work yourself out a job by teaching them life skills so they can become independent little people but it is kind of sad when they do become independent and don’t need/want to hold your hand to cross the street any more or help doing things.

4.) They think you are the BEST!  From mom of almost four Danielle, she says your kids think  “you’re the BEST dancer, the FUNNIEST at telling jokes, and see you as the most BEAUTIFUL girl in the world even when you haven’t showered in a week and you’re walking around in your fatty mcfaterson pants that you wouldn’t even let your husband see you in.” At this age they think you’re the best at everything and totally mean it.

5.) They are on their own time.  Ever try walking with a toddler? They are ssssslllllloooooowwww, at least they are whenever you need them to hurry up. But these little people take their time and aren’t in a rush because they’re so busy living life and having fun. It is a good lesson for everyone to remember, take time to stop and smell the roses. Or pick up a cool rock. Or take the long way just because it’s more interesting and you saw a dog.

6.) You get to see so many firsts. So far I’ve been able to see my toddler walk, run, pick his first blueberry, jump on the trampoline, go in a water fountain for the first time and tons more. During these toddler years they have so many firsts.

First time eating yogurt by himself. 
Can you tell?

7.) They can change emotions fast. Again, some good, some bad with this. But when my little guy gets mad normally it will only take a silly face, a favorite toy, throwing him up in the air or a fart noise to cheer him up depending on what it is. Or if its a bigger tantrum moving him to a different place and giving it a few of minutes. A little bit of distraction will often do the trick (though not all the time cause he is a toddler after all!). His older brother on the other hand, who has a lot less meltdowns, often can brood on whatever it is for hours when he gets upset THEN he remembers it and can get down about it later in the day. I’ve found as my boys have gotten older there is a lot more emotion to their problems of  feeling lonely, struggling trying to learn something or getting over jealousy. It takes a lot more work to help them snap out of a bad mood.

 8.)  They think you know everything and believe what you say. Because you are their world you are their ultimate authority on just about everything. As their world expands this will not be the case. They might even find that you are not right about everything (gasp!) So enjoy it while it lasts.

From mom of three Marissa:

One of my favorite parts of the toddler stage is 
how they always ask me to kiss their boo-boos and 
truly believe the kiss makes it better!”

9.) They are so dang cute!  Chubby fingers on your arms, messy kisses from sweet little lips, big belly laughs, chubby cheeks, sweet smiles. Diaper ruffles peeking out from their back of their pants, little hobbit feet. Saying “I love you.” “Thank you”, “You’re pretty” at random times throughout the day. Who can resist?

10.) Bonus! They love just about everyone. Seriously. Toddlers don’t care about how much you make,  how popular you are or if you’re wearing the latest fashions. They don’t care if your a little weird or if you don’t look like a model. They just don’t care about that stuff we grown ups and older kids seem to care so much about. For the most part they love everyone and are completely sincere.


Being a mom of a toddler is hard. Being a mom in general is hard. It’s all hard stuff but it does pass eventually. Might as well look to the bright side of things (a BIG note to self on this one) and have fun. They really are just trying to figure out life not mess up your house or make it so you can’t get much else done. They just doin’ what they do.

Advice from mom of three Brooke, “It will pass. It will be better after naps or in the morning. The way they are acting now won’t be how they are at 20. Sometimes I have to lock myself in the bathroom, turn on all water faucets and just not hear the whining/crying for a few minutes. It helps you not murder them and renews your spirit so you can keep being positive.

Remember: You are not alone. Call someone and vent – we’ve all been there. 
If they judge you….hang up.


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  1. Robin Masshole Mommy says:

    I don’t think I appreciated that age enough when my boys were little. Now it’s gone and there’s no getting it back.

  2. I love that you sing the praises of toddlers. Many bloggers write about what they don’t like about their kids. I think finding the humor in the crazy things our kids do is a huge sanity saver!

  3. They really do think your the best and it is nice for once to find a positive post about children. They may drive us up the walls but we love them really!

  4. I love toddlers! They are so cute and exploratory and independent and loving! Nothing makes me forget about the cares of life like toddler play!

  5. Your are right – they are so dang cute! That is their number one saving grace at times! I also love their endless curiosity!

  6. I feel like these pointers are great for teenagers or husbands as well, haha. I was just telling a a coworker how she needed to handle the noisy teenagers around her and the tips sounded very similar. I love this patience post!

  7. At the end of the day, my 2 year old makes me smile. No matter how mischievous he can be!

  8. All toddlers have their moments, that is for sure! They are learning about the world around them.

  9. I would sing the praises of any toddler because, well, they’re toddlers. I can honestly say I can’t remember ever feeling at the end of my rope with either of my kids. The toddler years were so much fun.

  10. The twins have done all these things! But how can you get angry when they are so damn cute and sweet?

    • Exactly! I think every stage of life has good and not so good, it’s just important to look at the good, especially during the bad. Thank you for stopping by!

  11. Yes! Toddlers can be crazy. It has been a while for me too! My older two are 7 1/2 and 5 1/2, and now I have a 15 month old who is probably the most mischievous little one I have ever seen!

    • Those are about the same ages as my kiddos! I have an 8, 6 and 2 year old. And I swear there is something about kid #3, mine is all over the place too! I’ve had to put locks on doors I never had to worry about before and he’s done things his brothers never did. Maybe it’s a #3 thing. Although I can’t say too much cause I was #3 in my family……

  12. I needed this post today. My 2 year old has been throwing tantrum after tantrum today and I am trying to hold it together. Things can be stressful but they are wonderful!

    • I’m so glad it helped! This is exactly the reason why I wrote it. My two year old was such a trial that day and I was getting so frustrated at him. Then I saw his cute little face, chubby fingers and saw his big brother (they look a lot alike) and realized that it goes by so fast. That night I wrote down all these things to remember why I needed to appreciate this hard stage because I know I will miss it. Thank you so much for stopping by and hopefully things have calmed down a bit at your house!

  13. In the not too distant future I’ll become a mother of a toddler, and although I’m really nervous, I’m also kind of excited about it. They are just so excited about life. It’s amazing!

  14. I think children of all ages are pretty awesome. That’s why I have so many children!

    • They are awesome! I think each age comes with challenges and for me sometimes I forget to overlook the challenging parts as I’m wading knee deep in them to see all the good things about that particular age. Thanks for stopping by!

  15. This is a great post! My son is five and I can recall the days where it felt like I was at wits end. You are right, it’s all about perspective. Toddlers are really joyful and everything is filled with such wonder. It’s a great age. 🙂

    • It is such a great age, hard but good. Then again I think every age is like that even as adults there are good but hard things about pretty much every stage of life. I just remember having a tough day with this guy but at the same looking at my older two thinking that the time passes so fast and soon those things I find frustrating I’ll miss. Those little people are so sweet. Thank you for commenting and stopping by!

  16. I love how basic things are for kids. At times, I think there’s more we can learn from the way toddlers and kids live their lives.

    • You are completely right. My kids, especially my toddler is able to teach me a lot of things about just playing and having fun. Parenting has definitely taught me to be a better person!

  17. Its true, toddlers are oddly fascinated by almost anything lol. Its so fun to watch them sometimes

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